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Industrial Electronics

Series Editor: Bogdan M. Wilamowski, J. David Irwin

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  1. Multilevel Converters for Industrial Applications

    By Sergio Alberto Gonzalez, Santiago Andres Verne, Maria Ines Valla

    Series: Industrial Electronics

    Modern semiconductor devices have reached high current and voltage levels, and their power-handling limits can be extended if they are used in multilevel converter configurations. To create high-performance and reliable control designs, however, engineers need in-depth understanding of the...

    Published July 22nd 2013 by CRC Press

  2. Granular Computing

    Analysis and Design of Intelligent Systems

    By Witold Pedrycz

    Series: Industrial Electronics

    Information granules, as encountered in natural language, are implicit in nature. To make them fully operational so they can be effectively used to analyze and design intelligent systems, information granules need to be made explicit. An emerging discipline, granular computing focuses on...

    Published May 9th 2013 by CRC Press

  3. Industrial Wireless Sensor Networks

    Applications, Protocols, and Standards

    Edited by V. Çağrı Güngör, Gerhard P. Hancke

    Series: Industrial Electronics

    The collaborative nature of industrial wireless sensor networks (IWSNs) brings several advantages over traditional wired industrial monitoring and control systems, including self-organization, rapid deployment, flexibility, and inherent intelligent processing. In this regard, IWSNs play a vital...

    Published April 4th 2013 by CRC Press

  4. Power Electronics and Control Techniques for Maximum Energy Harvesting in Photovoltaic Systems

    By Nicola Femia, Giovanni Petrone, Giovanni Spagnuolo, Massimo Vitelli

    Series: Industrial Electronics

    Incentives provided by European governments have resulted in the rapid growth of the photovoltaic (PV) market. Many PV modules are now commercially available, and there are a number of power electronic systems for processing the electrical power produced by PV systems, especially for grid-connected...

    Published December 18th 2012 by CRC Press

  5. Extreme Environment Electronics

    Edited by John D. Cressler, H. Alan Mantooth

    Series: Industrial Electronics

    Unfriendly to conventional electronic devices, circuits, and systems, extreme environments represent a serious challenge to designers and mission architects. The first truly comprehensive guide to this specialized field, Extreme Environment Electronics explains the essential aspects of designing...

    Published November 26th 2012 by CRC Press

  6. Renewable Energy Systems

    Advanced Conversion Technologies and Applications

    By Fang Lin Luo, Ye Hong

    Series: Industrial Electronics

    Energy conversion techniques are key in power electronics and even more so in renewable energy source systems, which require a large number of converters. Renewable Energy Systems: Advanced Conversion Technologies and Applications describes advanced conversion technologies and provides design...

    Published September 7th 2012 by CRC Press

  7. Multiobjective Optimization Methodology

    A Jumping Gene Approach

    By K.S. Tang, T.M. Chan, R.J. Yin, K.F. Man

    Series: Industrial Electronics

    The first book to focus on jumping genes outside bioscience and medicine, Multiobjective Optimization Methodology: A Jumping Gene Approach introduces jumping gene algorithms designed to supply adequate, viable solutions to multiobjective problems quickly and with low computational cost. Better...

    Published May 4th 2012 by CRC Press

  8. The Industrial Information Technology Handbook

    Edited by Richard Zurawski

    Series: Industrial Electronics

    The Industrial Information Technology Handbook focuses on existing and emerging industrial applications of IT, and on evolving trends that are driven by the needs of companies and by industry-led consortia and organizations. Emphasizing fast growing areas that have major impacts on industrial...

    Published November 29th 2004 by CRC Press

  9. The Power Electronics Handbook

    Edited by Timothy L. Skvarenina

    Series: Industrial Electronics

    Less expensive, lighter, and smaller than its electromechanical counterparts, power electronics lie at the very heart of controlling and converting electric energy, which in turn lies at the heart of making that energy useful. From household appliances to space-faring vehicles, the applications of...

    Published November 20th 2001 by CRC Press

  10. Switched Reluctance Motor Drives

    Modeling, Simulation, Analysis, Design, and Applications

    By R. Krishnan

    Series: Industrial Electronics

    The switched reluctance machine (SRM) is the least expensive electrical machine to produce, yet one of the most reliable. As such, research has blossomed during the last decade, and the SRM and variable drive systems using SRMs are receiving considerable attention from industry. Because they...

    Published June 28th 2001 by CRC Press

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