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Issues in Occupational Health

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  1. Building a Culture of Respect

    Managing Bullying at Work

    Edited by Noreen Tehrani

    Series: Issues in Occupational Health

    Bullying is an increasing problem in the workplace. It is estimated that five million workers are bullied each year in the UK, and that one in four employees is aware of colleagues being bullied. Bullying creates significant health problems for employees and, despite this, there is a conspicuous...

    Published July 19th 2001 by CRC Press

  2. The Burnout Companion To Study And Practice

    A Critical Analysis

    By Wilmar Schaufeli, D. Enzmann

    Series: Issues in Occupational Health

    Burnout is a common metaphor for a state of extreme psychophysical exhaustion, usually work-related. This book provides an overview of the burnout syndrome from its earliest recorded occurrences to current empirical studies. It reviews perceptions that burnout is particularly prevalent among...

    Published November 17th 1998 by CRC Press

  3. Workplace Health

    Employee Fitness And Exercise

    Edited by John Kerr, Tom Cox, Amanda Jane Griffiths

    Series: Issues in Occupational Health

    Given the growing awareness of the negative effects of work-related stress, Many Businesses Are Focusing On Active Health Promotion To Enhance employee health, well-being and performance. This text aims to review the state of the art and offer ideas and suggestions for how stress-related employee...

    Published October 1st 1996 by CRC Press

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