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Protocols in Forensic Science

Series Editor: Norah Rudin, Keith Inman

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  1. Scientific Protocols for Fire Investigation, Second Edition

    By John J. Lentini

    Series: Protocols in Forensic Science

    Knowledge of the science behind fires is critical to understanding a fire’s cause and successfully presenting that determination to the authorities or in litigation. Now in its second edition, Scientific Protocols for Fire Investigation focuses on the practical application of scientific principles...

    Published October 2nd 2012 by CRC Press

  2. Protocols in Forensic Biology

    DNA Typing and Physiological Fluid Analysis

    By Keith Inman

    Series: Protocols in Forensic Science

    This book goes beyond An Introduction to Forensic DNA Analysis to provide actual laboratory protocols for DNA analysis. Addressing the needs of the working professional, it gives specific information about how to perform and interpret the analyses. It also devotes an entire chapter to explaining...

    Published June 15th 2012 by CRC Press

  3. Scientific Protocols for Forensic Examination of Clothing

    By Jane Moira Taupin, Chesterene Cwiklik

    Series: Protocols in Forensic Science

    When a crime or other incident takes place, clothing items are often present or left behind, and can become directly involved in the case itself. Items of clothing are thus one of the most common types of exhibit examined in court. They can provide valuable information in cases of violent crimes,...

    Published November 24th 2010 by CRC Press

  4. Ethics in Forensic Science

    Professional Standards for the Practice of Criminalistics

    By Peter D. Barnett

    Series: Protocols in Forensic Science

    With the complexity of the interactions between the methodology of science, the principles of justice, and the realities of the practice of law and criminalistics, ethical issues frequently arise. One of the hallmarks of a profession is a code of ethics to govern the actions of members of the...

    Published June 27th 2001 by CRC Press

  5. Principles and Practice of Criminalistics

    The Profession of Forensic Science

    By Keith Inman, Norah Rudin

    Series: Protocols in Forensic Science

    Expanding on ideas proposed by leading thinkers throughout the history of forensic science, Principles and Practice of Criminalistics: The Profession of Forensic Science outlines a logical framework for the examination of physical evidence in a criminalistics laboratory. The book reexamines...

    Published August 29th 2000 by CRC Press

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