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Systematics Association Special Volumes

Series Editor: David Gower

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  1. Milestones in Systematics

    Edited by David M. Williams, Peter L. Forey

    Series: Systematics Association Special Volumes

    Presenting a historical analysis of the evolution of systematics during the last one hundred years, Milestones in Systematics reviews many of the major issues in systematic theory and practice that have driven the working methods of systematics during the 20th century and looks at the issues most...

    Published May 12th 2004 by CRC Press

  2. Telling the Evolutionary Time

    Molecular Clocks and the Fossil Record

    Edited by Philip C J Donoghue, M. Paul Smith

    Series: Systematics Association Special Volumes

    Determining the precise timing for the evolutionary origin of groups of organisms has become increasingly important as scientists from diverse disciplines attempt to examine rates of anatomical or molecular evolution and correlate intrinsic biological events to extrinsic environmental events....

    Published December 16th 2003 by CRC Press

  3. The Changing Wildlife of Great Britain and Ireland

    Edited by David L. Hawksworth

    Series: Systematics Association Special Volumes

    Periodic comprehensive overviews of the status of the diverse organisms that make up wildlife are essential to determining trends, threats and future prospects. Just over 25 years ago, leading authorities on different kinds of wildlife came together to prepare an assessment of their status of a...

    Published June 26th 2003 by CRC Press

  4. Developmental Genetics and Plant Evolution

    Edited by Quentin C.B. Cronk, Richard M. Bateman, Julie A. Hawkins

    Series: Systematics Association Special Volumes

    A benchmark text, Developmental Genetics and Plant Evolution integrates the recent revolution in the molecular-developmental genetics of plants with mainstream evolutionary thought. It reflects the increasing cooperation between strongly genomics-influenced researchers, with their strong grasp of...

    Published April 18th 2002 by CRC Press

  5. Morphology, Shape and Phylogeny

    Edited by Norman MacLeod, Peter L. Forey

    Series: Systematics Association Special Volumes

    Generally, biologists and mathematicians who study the shape and form of organisms have largely been working in isolation from those who work on evolutionary relationships through the analysis of common characteristics. Increasingly however, dialogue between the two communities is beginning to...

    Published February 7th 2002 by CRC Press

  6. Brachiopods

    Edited by Howard Brunton, L. Robin M. Cocks, Sarah L Long

    Series: Systematics Association Special Volumes

    The growth history of a brachiopod is entombed in its shell, but research on fossil and living brachiopods has generated unanswered questions about these marine invertebrates. Several contributors to Brachiopods Past and Present comment on their differing structures and morphological detail. They...

    Published November 29th 2001 by CRC Press

  7. Major Events in Early Vertebrate Evolution

    Edited by Per Erik Ahlberg

    Series: Systematics Association Special Volumes

    A multi-author volume Major Events in Early Vertebrate Evolution examines the origin and early evolution of the backboned animals (vertebrates)-the group which comprises all fishes, amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals, including ourselves. This volume draws together evidence from fossils, genes...

    Published February 15th 2001 by CRC Press

  8. Interrelationships of the Platyhelminthes

    Edited by D T J Littlewood, R. A. Bray

    Series: Systematics Association Special Volumes

    The phylum Platyhelminthes is comprised of some 50,000 species of flatworms living in a wide variety of habitats - from the deep sea to the damp soil of tropical forests- where they occupy pivotal roles in many ecosystems. The parasitic forms include tapeworms and flukes, which plague virtually...

    Published December 7th 2000 by CRC Press

  9. Flagellates

    Unity, Diversity and Evolution

    Edited by Barry S. C. Leadbeater, John C. Green

    Series: Systematics Association Special Volumes

    The Flagellates presents a multidisciplinary view of the flagellates exploring both their unity, in terms of their structure, mechanisms and processes, and their diversity in terms of biogeography, niche colonisation, and adaptations to their environment. In addition, evolutionary relationships...

    Published June 8th 2000 by CRC Press

  10. Homology and Systematics

    Coding Characters for Phylogenetic Analysis

    Edited by Robert Scotland, R. Toby Pennington

    Series: Systematics Association Special Volumes

    Systematists, comparative biologists, taxonomists and evolutionary biologists all concern themselves with the evolutionary relationships between animals and plants. Homology is the principle underlying these disciplines. When looking at groups of organisms, shared positional similarities (...

    Published February 24th 2000 by CRC Press

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