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Book Series

Current Issues in Social Psychology

Series Editor: Arjan Bos

Current Issues in Social Psychology is a series of edited books that reflect the state-of-the-art of current and emerging topics of interest in basic and applied social psychology.

Each volume is tightly focused on a particular topic and consists of seven to ten chapters contributed by international experts. The editors of individual volumes are leading figures in their areas and provide an introductory overview.

Example topics include: self-esteem, evolutionary social psychology, minority groups, social neuroscience, cyberbullying and social stigma.

New and Published Books

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  1. Power and Identity

    Edited by Denis Sindic, Manuela Barreto, Rui Costa-Lopes

    Series: Current Issues in Social Psychology

    The concepts of power and identity are vital to many areas of social research. In this edited collection, a prominent set of contributors explore the double relationship between power and group identity, focusing on two complementary lines of enquiry: In what ways can the powerful dictate the...

    Published December 12th 2014 by Psychology Press

  2. Social Conflict within and between Groups

    Edited by Carsten K. W. De Dreu

    Series: Current Issues in Social Psychology

    Intergroup competition and conflict create pervasive problems in human society, giving rise to such phenomena as prejudice, terrorism, ethnic cleansing, and interstate war. Citizens, policy makers, social workers, schoolteachers, and politicians wrestle with these problems, and with difficult...

    Published May 13th 2014 by Psychology Press

  3. Self-Esteem

    Edited by Virgil Zeigler-Hill

    Series: Current Issues in Social Psychology

    In this edited collection a distinguished set of contributors present a broad overview of psychological research on self-esteem. Each chapter is written by leading experts in the field, and surveys current research on a particular issue concerning self-esteem. Together, the chapters provide a...

    Published March 7th 2013 by Psychology Press

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Forthcoming Books

  1. Cyberbullying: From theory to Intervention
    Edited by Trijntje Völlink, Francine Dehue, Conor Mc Guckin
    To Be Published October 27th 2015
  2. Majority and Minority Influence
    Edited by Stamos Papastamou, Antonis Gardikiotis, Gerasimos Prodromitis
    To Be Published June 19th 2016

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