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Book Series

Routledge Advances in International Relations and Global Politics

International relations is a rapidly changing area of research, reacting to and anticipating an ever more integrated and globalised world. This series aims to publish the best new work in the field of international relations, and of politics more generally. Books in the series challenge existing empirical and normative theories, and advance new paradigms as well as presenting significant new research.

New and Published Books

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Forthcoming Books

  1. India in South Asia: Domestic Identity Politics and Foreign Policy from Nehru to the BJP
    By Sinderpal Singh
    To Be Published April 14th 2015
  2. The Promise and Perils of Transnationalization: NGO Activism and the Socialization of Women’s Human Rights in Egypt and Iran
    By Benjamin Stachursky
    To Be Published May 5th 2015
  3. International Relations and Historical Sociology: Breaking Down Boundaries
    By Stephen Hobden
    To Be Published May 28th 2015
  4. Caribbean Sovereignty, Development and Democracy in an Age of Globalization
    Edited by Linden Lewis
    To Be Published May 28th 2015
  5. Genocide, Ethnonationalism, and the United Nations: Exploring the Causes of Mass Killing Since 1945
    By Hannibal Travis
    To Be Published May 28th 2015
  6. Profits, Security, and Human Rights in Developing Countries: Global Lessons from Canada’s Extractive Sector in Colombia
    Edited by James F. Rochlin
    To Be Published June 23rd 2015
  7. Apology and Reconciliation in International Relations: The Importance of Being Sorry
    Edited by Christopher Daase, Stefan Engert, Michel-André Horelt, Judith Renner, Renate Strassner
    To Be Published June 29th 2015
  8. Institutions and Uneven Development: Wealth Differences and National Politics
    By Melissa Ziegler Rogers
    To Be Published September 30th 2015
  9. Sincerity in Politics and International Relations
    Edited by Sorin Baiasu, Sylvie Loriaux
    To Be Published October 29th 2015
  10. Western Muslim Reactions to Conflicts Abroad: Conflict Spillovers to Diasporas
    By Juris Pupcenoks
    To Be Published November 30th 2015

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