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  1. The Electronic Grapevine

    Rumor, Reputation, and Reporting in the New On-line Environment

    Edited by Diane L. Borden, Kerric Harvey

    Series: LEA Telecommunications Series

    The widespread use of the Internet as a tool for gathering and disseminating information raises serious questions for journalists--and their readers--about the process of reporting information. Using virtual sources and publishing online is changing the way in which journalism takes place and its...

    Published September 1st 1997 by Routledge

  2. Wireless

    Strategically Liberalizing the Telecommunications Market

    By Brian J.W. Regli

    Series: LEA Telecommunications Series

    The revolution of wireless communications has only just begun to transform the telecommunications industry worldwide. This book offers insight into the possible options for corporate strategists and government policymakers as they look to harness the expansion of wireless communications to meet the...

    Published May 1st 1997 by Routledge

  3. Highway of Dreams

    A Critical View Along the Information Superhighway

    By A. Michael Noll

    Series: LEA Telecommunications Series

    This important volume reviews the history of the telecommunication superhighway pointing out its beginnings in the interactive TV and broadband highway of the wired cities more than two decades ago. It explains the technological uncertainties of the superhighway and many of its futuristic services,...

    Published October 1st 1996 by Routledge

  4. The Internet and Telecommunications Policy

    Selected Papers From the 1995 Telecommunications Policy Research Conference

    Edited by Gerald W. Brock, Gregory L. Rosston

    Series: LEA Telecommunications Series

    This book is based on the Telecommunications Policy Research Conference which reports on research into telecommunications policy issues. While the conference is now a respectable 23 years old, this is only the second printed edition of selected papers. A new law, the Telecommunications Act of 1996,...

    Published September 1st 1996 by Routledge

  5. Telecommunications Research Resources

    An Annotated Guide

    By James K. Bracken, Christopher H. Sterling

    Series: LEA Telecommunications Series

    As the telecommunication and information field expands and becomes more varied, so do publications about these technologies and industries. This book is a first attempt to provide a general guide to that wealth of English-language publications -- both books and periodicals -- on all aspects of...

    Published September 1st 1995 by Routledge

  6. Telecommunications Politics

    Ownership and Control of the information Highway in Developing Countries

    Edited by Bella Mody, Johannes M. Bauer, Joe Straubhaar

    Series: LEA Telecommunications Series

    This volume brings together scholars and policymakers to address the issue of telecommunications policy in developing countries. It elaborates on the position that economics and technology determine the framework for discussion, but politics makes the decision. Politics, in this case, refers to the...

    Published September 1st 1995 by Routledge

  7. Toward A Competitive Telecommunication Industry

    Selected Papers From the 1994 Telecommunications Policy Research Conference

    Edited by Gerald W. Brock

    Series: LEA Telecommunications Series

    Providing an authoritative perspective on the best current research regarding telecommunication policy, this book is based on the 22nd Annual Telecommunications Policy Research Conference. The papers focus on the critical policy issues created by increasing competition in the industry. The book...

    Published September 1st 1995 by Routledge

  8. Quality and Reliability of Telecommunications Infrastructure

    Edited by William H. Lehr

    Series: LEA Telecommunications Series

    In the last decade, the technology, regulation, and industry structure of our information infrastructure (telephone services, cable and broadcast television, and myriad new data and information services) have changed dramatically. Since the break-up of AT&T's Bell System monopoly, telephone...

    Published July 1st 1995 by Routledge

  9. The People's Right To Know

    Media, Democracy, and the Information Highway

    Edited by Frederick Williams, John V. Pavlik

    Series: LEA Telecommunications Series

    This important volume presents the pros and cons of a national service that will meet the information needs and wants of all people. In the preface, Everette E. Dennis, Executive Director of The Freedom Forum Media Studies Center, asks, "What will a true information highway -- where most citizens...

    Published November 1st 1993 by Routledge

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