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Modern Concrete Technology

Series Editor: Arnon Bentur, Sidney Mindess

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  1. High Performance Concrete

    By Pierre-Claude Aïtcin

    Series: Modern Concrete Technology

    A complete review of the fast-developing topic of high performance concrete (HPC) by one of the leading researchers in the field. It covers all aspects of HPC from materials, properties and technology, to construction and testing. The book will be valuable for all concrete technologists and...

    Published July 1st 1998 by CRC Press

  2. Steel Corrosion in Concrete

    Fundamentals and civil engineering practice

    By Arnon Bentur, Neal Berke, Sidney Diamond

    Series: Modern Concrete Technology

    Poor durability of concrete is a major cause of problems in modern building and civil engineering structures in all countries: the annual cost of investigating and repairing deteriorating reinforced concrete structures runs into many millions of pounds. This book explains the fundamentals of the...

    Published October 8th 1997 by CRC Press

  3. Durability of Concrete in Cold Climates

    By M. Pigeon, R. Pleau

    Series: Modern Concrete Technology

    This book provides a comprehensive and authoritative review of durability of the frost resistance of concrete. It will enable both concrete materials specialists and practising engineers to better understand the deterioration processes which take place during freezing and thawing, and the effects...

    Published June 14th 1995 by CRC Press

  4. Concrete in Hot Environments

    By I. Soroka

    Series: Modern Concrete Technology

    Elevated temperatures are known to affect the properties of both fresh and hardened concrete. This book describes in detail these effects and explains the mechanisms involved with particular reference to their practical aspects....

    Published September 15th 1993 by CRC Press

  5. High Performance Concrete

    From material to structure

    Edited by Y. Malier

    Series: Modern Concrete Technology

    Provides a thorough review of properties, durability and use of high performance concrete, derived from recent research and experience. This book contains contributions from the leading French, Canadian and Swiss researchers, designers and material specialists, translated into English for the first...

    Published August 5th 1992 by CRC Press

  6. Concrete in the Marine Environment

    By P.K. Mehta

    Series: Modern Concrete Technology

    Concrete has clearly emerged as the most economical and durable material for the building of the vast majority of marine structures. Reinforced concrete too has overcome the technological problems making it a suitable material for the construction of advanced marine structures such as offshore...

    Published December 2nd 1991 by CRC Press

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