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Book Series

Routledge-ISBE Masters in Entrepreneurship

Series Editor: Susan Marlow, Janine Swail

The study of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial behaviour now occupies a central position within the contemporary field of business and management. The contribution of entrepreneurs to global economic performance is now broadly recognised and valued, with public policy clearly focused on encouraging and supporting innovative and entrepreneurial behaviour. Reflecting this trend, academic institutions are actively developing their delivery of entrepreneurship education throughout the curriculum to embed entrepreneurial attitudes and thinking within the next generation of graduates. The Routledge-ISBE Masters Series in Entrepreneurship responds to this growing market for entrepreneurship education through the provision of relatively short, highly specialist but accessible textbooks on a range of entrepreneurship topics. Collectively, these texts will form a significant resource base for those studying entrepreneurship at the postgraduate level, helping them to gain an in-depth understanding of contemporary entrepreneurial concepts.

Each text is specially commissioned to provide essential reading for a core entrepreneurship topic within taught postgraduate programmes. In this regard, students following advanced programmes of study in an entrepreneurship related area, as well as those encountering entrepreneurship for the first time as part of their postgraduate programme in a non-cognate area (e.g. postgraduate Science or Engineering may benefit from the series. Innovative pedagogical features will be used throughout the texts, where appropriate, and the practical importance of theoretical concepts will be clearly illustrated.

New and Published Books

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  1. Finance for Small and Entrepreneurial Business

    By Richard Roberts

    Series: Routledge-ISBE Masters in Entrepreneurship

    The financial environment of small and entrepreneurial firms is changing rapidly and is a topic where significant disagreement remains amongst researchers and policy advisers. This concise textbook provides a comprehensive overview of the current and projected trends in this market for the benefit...

    Published April 27th 2015 by Routledge

  2. Entrepreneurship, Small Business and Public Policy

    Evolution and revolution

    By Robert J. Bennett

    Series: Routledge-ISBE Masters in Entrepreneurship

    Public policy interventions aimed at encouraging, supporting and developing small businesses are important for understanding entrepreneurship and small business management. This textbook is the first to provide teachers and students with a resource that gives an overview of how institutional and...

    Published May 28th 2014 by Routledge

  3. Resourcing the Start-Up Business

    Creating Dynamic Entrepreneurial Learning Capabilities

    By Oswald Jones, Allan Macpherson, Dilani Jayawarna

    Series: Routledge-ISBE Masters in Entrepreneurship

    Starting a business successfully requires numerous skills and resources. The alarming rate of failures associated with new ventures suggests that potential entrepreneurs would welcome expert advice at the most vital stage in the life of any business. The expert author team focus on those resources,...

    Published August 30th 2013 by Routledge

  4. Female Entrepreneurship

    By Maura McAdam

    Series: Routledge-ISBE Masters in Entrepreneurship

    Female entrepreneurship, and, in particular, the contribution of their ventures to aggregate economic activity has gained increasing attention over recent years in terms of theory, practice and policy. This concise book explores how women fit into the contemporary entrepreneurial discourse by...

    Published December 14th 2012 by Routledge

  5. Entrepreneurship

    A Global Perspective

    By Stephen Roper

    Series: Routledge-ISBE Masters in Entrepreneurship

    Entrepreneurs exist in every country but the nature and level of entrepreneurial activity differs remarkably. Why is this? What shapes the level of entrepreneurial activity in each country? What defines entrepreneurial activity? As more and more teaching and research into entrepreneurship reflects...

    Published September 4th 2012 by Routledge

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