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Postcommunist States and Nations

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  1. Russia

    A State of Uncertainty

    By Neil Robinson

    Series: Postcommunist States and Nations

    Over the last hundred years, Russia has undergone a succession of failed projects of state construction - from Tzarist modernisation to Soviet state socialism to liberal democratic market capitalism. This new book introduces these vastly different projects and explains their failure in order to...

    Published November 22nd 2001 by Routledge

  2. Latvia

    The Challenges of Change

    By Artis Pabriks, Aldis Purs

    Series: Postcommunist States and Nations

    The past one hundred years have been a very trying time for Latvia, complete with success, tragedy, and still unrealized promise. Within the course of a generation, the country experienced revolutions, wars and independent statehood, and then the slide into authoritarianism. World War II brought...

    Published July 14th 2001 by Routledge

  3. Estonia

    Independence and European Integration

    By David Smith

    Series: Postcommunist States and Nations

    In 1998, Estonia became the first of the former Soviet republics to enter membership negotiations with the European Union. Since then it has been hailed as 'the model pupil' amongst the current applicants. This study traces the remarkable reforms that have propelled Estonia from the USSR to the...

    Published June 21st 2001 by Routledge

  4. Bulgaria

    The Uneven Transition

    By Vesselin Dimitrov

    Series: Postcommunist States and Nations

    The communist regime in Bulgaria was perhaps the most stable in Eastern Europe and its demise was brought about only by the general collapse of the Soviet bloc. In the light of this, what is surprising about the country's transitions to democracy and a market economy is not that it has been uneven...

    Published June 14th 2001 by Routledge

  5. Lithuania

    Stepping Westward

    By Thomas Lane

    Series: Postcommunist States and Nations

    Lithuania restored her independence, after half a century of Soviet occupation, in the immediate aftermath of the failed Moscow coup in August 1991. As the multi-national Soviet state disintegrated, Lithuania evolved, without war or violence, from a communist state and a command economy to a...

    Published June 14th 2001 by Routledge

  6. The Czech Republic

    A Nation of Velvet

    By Rick Fawn

    Series: Postcommunist States and Nations

    Czechoslovakia has captured the nation's imagination throughout the twentieth century. The Allied betrayal of the country to Nazi Germany in 1938 was to demonstrate the appalling consequences of naive appeasement of aggression. The wholesale reform of Soviet communism in the Prague Spring of 1968...

    Published May 30th 2000 by Routledge

  7. Romania

    The Unfinished Revolution

    By Stephen D. Roper

    Series: Postcommunist States and Nations

    The Romanian revolution was motivated by a desire for greater political and intellectual freedom and economic prosperity. It was the bloodiest of the eastern European transitions due to Ceausescu's cult of personality. However, many of the goals of the revolution are still unfulfilled. The lack of...

    Published May 30th 2000 by Routledge

  8. Uzbekistan

    Transition to Authoritarianism

    By Neil J. Melvin

    Series: Postcommunist States and Nations

    Uzbekistan more than any other country in the area is likely to play a critical role in shaping Central Asia's future. Situated at the heart of the region and sharing borders with all the other Central Asian states, Uzbekistan is the most powerful and populous of the new states of Central Asia. In...

    Published May 30th 2000 by Taylor & Francis

  9. Ukraine

    Movement without Change, Change without Movement

    By Marta Dyczok

    Series: Postcommunist States and Nations

    Ukraine has surprised many international observers. Few anticipated its declaration of independence in 1991 or its determination to move out of Russia's shadow. Dyczok redresses the continuing dearth of information on the country. Aimed at nonspecialists and specialists alike, it presents an...

    Published May 30th 2000 by Routledge

  10. Poland

    The Conquest of History

    By George Sanford

    Series: Postcommunist States and Nations

    Poland pioneered the collapse of communism in Eastern Europe. Domestic reformism and the negotiated abdication of ruling elites in 1989 have structured the country's politics in the 1990s. But the division between the communist and Solidarity camps continues to cause problems for a potential reform...

    Published March 15th 1999 by Routledge

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  1. Albania
    By Nicholas C. Pano
    To Be Published June 1st 2016

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