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Special Issues of Social Influence

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  1. Social Influence and Consumer Behavior

    Edited by Daniel J. Howard, Amna Kirmani, Priyali Rajagopal

    Series: Special Issues of Social Influence

    A good deal of consumer research is focused on social influence, since consumers make purchase decisions in the context of a social framework. This collection of innovative essays examines both the conscious and non-conscious effects of social influence on consumer behavior processes and outcomes,...

    Published September 12th 2014 by Psychology Press

  2. Individual Differences and Social Influence

    Edited by Jerry M. Burger

    Series: Special Issues of Social Influence

    Despite widespread acknowledgment that both personal and situational factors influence behavior, researchers in the area of social influence have been slow to examine individual differences in their work. Indeed, social influence investigators often point to their findings to illustrate the power...

    Published June 29th 2010 by Psychology Press

  3. Social Influence and Creativity

    A Special Issue of Social Influence

    Edited by Marlene Turner

    Series: Special Issues of Social Influence

    How do social influences affect such outcomes as creativity, innovation, originality, and inventiveness? While major advances have been made, many questions regarding the impact of contextual and social factors on creativity and innovation remain. This collection examines a rich array of...

    Published November 19th 2008 by Psychology Press

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