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Book Series

Routledge Annals of Bioethics

Series Editor: Mark Cherry, Ana Iltis

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  1. The Ethics of Genetic Engineering

    By Roberta M. Berry

    Series: Routledge Annals of Bioethics

    Human genetic engineering may soon be possible. The gathering debate about this prospect already threatens to become mired in irresolvable disagreement. After surveying the scientific and technological developments that have brought us to this pass, The Ethics of Genetic Engineering focuses on the...

    Published November 10th 2010 by Routledge

  2. Biomedical Research and Beyond

    Expanding the Ethics of Inquiry

    By Christopher O. Tollefsen

    Series: Routledge Annals of Bioethics

    What is the relationship between scientific research and ethics? Some think that science should be free from ethical and political considerations. Biomedical Research and Beyond argues that ethical guidance is essential for all forms of inquiry, including biomedical and scientific research....

    Published November 3rd 2010 by Routledge

  3. Legal Perspectives in Bioethics

    Edited by Ana S. Iltis, Sandra H. Johnson, Barbara A. Hinze

    Series: Routledge Annals of Bioethics

    Issues in bioethics often turn, at least in part, on the law and regulatory requirements. Consisting of chapters that address particular bioethics topics from the law’s perspective, this fascinating book includes: an introduction to the American legal system papers identifying the principal ways...

    Published October 15th 2010 by Routledge

  4. Religious Perspectives on Bioethics

    Edited by Mark Cherry

    Series: Routledge Annals of Bioethics

    First published in 2004. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company....

    Published December 7th 2009 by Routledge

  5. Research Ethics

    Edited by Ana Smith Iltis

    Series: Routledge Annals of Bioethics

    Medicine in the twenty-first century is increasingly reliant on research to guarantee the safety and efficacy of medical interventions. As a result, the need to understand the ethical issues that research generates is becoming essential. This volume introduces the principal areas of concern in...

    Published April 15th 2008 by Routledge

Forthcoming Books

  1. Human Dignity in Bioethics: From Worldviews to the Public Square
    Edited by Stephen Dilley, Nathan J. Palpant
    To Be Published May 29th 2015
  2. Death, Posthumous Harm, and Bioethics
    By James Stacey Taylor
    To Be Published June 12th 2015

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