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Book Series

Applied Psychology Series

Series Editor: Jeanette N. Cleveland, Kevin R. Murphy

The objective of the Applied Psychology Series is to offer publications that emphasize state-of-the-art research and its application to important issues of human behavior in a variety of societal settings.

The objective is to bridge both academic and applied interests. To date, more than 45 books in various fields of applied psychology have been published in this series.

If you are interested in joining this prestigious list of authors, please contact Jeanette Cleveland (, Kevin Murphy (, or Madeleine Hamlin (

New and Published Books

21-30 of 58 results in Applied Psychology Series
  1. Diversity Resistance in Organizations

    Edited by Kecia M. Thomas

    Series: Applied Psychology Series

    This is a groundbreaking volume that provides informed, balanced yet frank discussion of US workplace diversity and diversity resistance issues. The chapters in this book put a name on behaviors and practices that have existed in the workplace for a long time, yet until recently have had no...

    Published November 14th 2007 by Psychology Press

  2. Aging and Work in the 21st Century

    By Kenneth S. Shultz, Gary A. Adams

    Series: Applied Psychology Series

    The aging of baby boomers, along with the predicted decrease of the available labor pool, will place increased scrutiny and emphasis on issues relating to an aging workforce. Furthermore, future economic downturns will place strong pressure on older workers to remain in the workforce, and on...

    Published February 21st 2007 by Psychology Press

  3. Working Couples Caring for Children and Aging Parents

    Effects on Work and Well-Being

    By Margaret B. Neal, Leslie B. Hammer

    Series: Applied Psychology Series

    As the baby boomer generation approaches midlife, many dual-earner couples are struggling with issues of simultaneously caring for children while tending to aging parents. This timely book uncovers the circumstances faced by these workers, known as the “sandwiched generation”, and identifies what...

    Published October 25th 2006 by Psychology Press

  4. Work, Family, and Community

    Exploring Interconnections

    By Patricia Voydanoff

    Series: Applied Psychology Series

    Research in recent decades has proven that the seemingly disparate worlds of family life and the workplace are in fact closely intertwined. Moreover, scholars have begun to recognize the extent to which community life influences the work-family interface, for instance, the lack of fit between...

    Published September 5th 2006 by Psychology Press

  5. Historical Perspectives in Industrial and Organizational Psychology

    Edited by Laura L. Koppes

    Series: Applied Psychology Series

    This unique book is the first to contain a comprehensive history of industrial and organizational psychology, covering numerous topics in the discipline. The history presented offers various perspectives, including the contributions of individuals, organizations, and contextual or situational...

    Published August 28th 2006 by Psychology Press

  6. Performance Measurement

    Current Perspectives and Future Challenges

    Edited by Winston Bennett, Charles E. Lance, David J. Woehr

    Series: Applied Psychology Series

    Over the course of the past few years, teaching, research, and practice has underscored the importance of performance measurement and criterion development as topics of great interest, considerable debate, and some misunderstanding. It has also become clear that the field needs to address a...

    Published April 27th 2006 by Psychology Press

  7. A Critique of Emotional Intelligence

    What Are the Problems and How Can They Be Fixed?

    Edited by Kevin R. Murphy

    Series: Applied Psychology Series

    This book analyzes important criticisms of the current research on Emotional Intelligence (EI), a topic of growing interest in the behavioral and social sciences. It looks at emotional intelligence research and EI interventions from a scientific and measurement perspective and identifies ways of...

    Published April 9th 2006 by Psychology Press

  8. Pathways to Outstanding Leadership

    A Comparative Analysis of Charismatic, Ideological, and Pragmatic Leaders

    By Michael D. Mumford

    Series: Applied Psychology Series

    The intent of this book is to provide a comprehensive comparison of charismatic, ideological, and pragmatic leadership. One hundred twenty leaders from government, military, business, religion, and politics are examined with respect to key leadership behaviors, including problem solving, leader&...

    Published March 21st 2006 by Psychology Press

  9. Assessment Centers in Human Resource Management

    Strategies for Prediction, Diagnosis, and Development

    By George C. Thornton III, Deborah E. Rupp

    Series: Applied Psychology Series

    The theme permeating this book on assessment centers is "continuity and change", describing what has remained the same and what has changed in the 50-year history of the assessment center method. One of the important changes explored is the evolution of the goals of assessment center programs and...

    Published December 1st 2005 by Psychology Press

  10. Staffing Organizations

    Contemporary Practice and Theory, 3rd Edition

    By Robert E. Ployhart, Benjamin Schneider, Neal Schmitt

    Series: Applied Psychology Series

    Staffing Organizations: Contemporary Practice and Theory, the new third edition of a classic in the field, shows how organizations of all sizes can use effective staffing procedures as a source of sustained competitive advantage. Practically, the book shows how to choose, develop, and administer...

    Published November 22nd 2005 by CRC Press