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  1. Japanese Manufacturing Investment in Europe

    Its Impact on the UK Economy

    By Roger Strange

    Series: International Business Series

    Japanese manufacturing investment in the European Community has grown dramatically over the last twenty years. At first, instances of investment were few, concentrated in a small number of industrial sectors. But since the mid-1980's there has been a surge of investment in a much wider range of...

    Published July 29th 1993 by Routledge

  2. International Business in China

    Edited by Lane Kelley, Oded Shenkar

    Series: International Business Series

    International Business in China looks at the inner workings of business in China. Each sector is explored in detail against the broader cultural context and regional variations. Throughout, the focus is on the political changes which have taken place in recent years and how this has affected...

    Published March 25th 1993 by Routledge

  3. Multinational Enterprises in India

    Industrial Distribution

    By Nagesh Kumar

    Series: International Business Series

    Multinational enterprises play a vital role in the economic activity of most developing countries. In India MNE affiliates dominate whole sectors of industry - such as plastics and pharmaceuticals - characterised by a high degree of product differentiation, complex technology and high skill...

    Published March 22nd 1990 by Routledge

  4. Multinationals in Latin America

    By Robert Grosse

    Series: International Business Series

    Multinational enterprises are particularly strong in Latin America and sensitive to political and economic changes there - the currently emerging debt crisis is likely to have far-ranging effects. This book considers multinationals in Latin America, both those from inside and those from outside...

    Published July 6th 1989 by Routledge

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