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Book Series

Media Practice

New and Published Books

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Forthcoming Books

  1. The Videogames Handbook
    By James Newman, Iain Simons
    To Be Published November 1st 2015
  2. The Fashion Handbook, 2nd Edition
    By Tim Jackson, David Shaw
    To Be Published January 1st 2016
  3. The Photography Handbook, 3rd Edition
    By Terence Wright
    To Be Published January 1st 2016
  4. The New Television Handbook, 5th Edition
    By Patricia HollandEdited by Jeremy Orlebar
    To Be Published January 1st 2016
  5. The Public Relations Handbook, 5th Edition
    By Alison Theaker
    To Be Published February 1st 2016
  6. The Music Industry Handbook, 2nd Edition
    By Paul Rutter
    To Be Published April 15th 2016

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