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Series Editor: Adrian Beard, Angela Goddard

The series consists of a foundation text, Working With Texts: A Core Introduction to Language Analysis, which looks at language aspects essential for the analysis of texts, and a range of satellite texts. These apply aspects of language to a particular topic area in more detail. They complement the core text and can also be used alone, providing the user has the foundation skills provided by the core text.

Benefits of using this series:

* Unique - written by a team of respected teachers and practitioners whose ideas and activities have also been trialled independently

* Multi-disciplinary - provides a foundation for the analysis of texts, supporting students who want to achieve a detailed focus on language

* Accessible - no previous knowledge of language analysis is assumed

* Comprehensive - wide coverage of different genres: literary texts, notes, memos, signs, advertisements, leaflets, speeches, conversation

* Student-friendly - contains suggestions for further reading; activities relating to texts studied; commentaries after activities; key terms highlighted and an index of terms

This accessible series, written by an outstanding team of authors, experienced in language teaching, curriculum development, examining and writing, provides ideas and activities arising from experience and practice. Each title has multi-disciplinary appeal but will be particularly useful to A-Level students and teachers and to undergraduates of English Language, Linguistics or English Literature. They will also be of interest to teachers and students of EFL and ESL language courses.

Foundation coursebook:

Working With Texts: A Core Book for Language Analysis, Ronald Carter, Angela Goddard, Maggie Bowring, Danuta Reah, Keith Sanger

Satellite titles:

The Language of Advertising Angela Goddard, The Language of Fiction Keith Sanger, The Language of Humour Alison Ross, The Language of Newspapers Danuta Reah, The Language of Poetry John McRae, The Language of Sport Adrian Beard.

New and Published Books

21-25 of 25 results in Intertext
  1. The Language of Politics

    By Adrian Beard

    Series: Intertext

    The Language of Politics:* examines how both politicians and commentators describe political stances* explores some of the most common linguistic features to be found in political speeches* analyses electioneering through various written texts including manifestos, posters and pamphlets* looks at...

    Published September 9th 1999 by Routledge

  2. The Language of Poetry

    By John McRae

    Series: Intertext

    The Language of Poetry:* develops the student's ability to read and evaluate poetic texts of many kinds* includes activities, commentaries and extensions to each extract* covers a variety of poetic language, ranging from songs, advertisements and spoken language to the more traditional forms of the...

    Published February 26th 1998 by Routledge

  3. The Language of Sport

    By Adrian Beard

    Series: Intertext

    The Language of Sport:* looks in detail at the language of sports-talk including commentary and 'new sportswriting'* explores linguistic representation of related issues such as gender, national/regional identity* examines the way sport sells itself as an agent of social cohesion and as a way to...

    Published February 26th 1998 by Routledge

  4. The Language of Advertising

    Written Texts, 2nd Edition

    By Angela Goddard

    Series: Intertext

    The Intertext series has been specifically designed to meet the needs of contemporary English Language Studies. The core book, Working with Texts, is the foundation text which provides an introduction to language analysis. It is complemented by a range of 'satellite' titles which provide students...

    Published February 26th 1998 by Routledge

  5. The Language of Humour

    By Alison Ross

    Series: Intertext

    The Language of Humour:* examines the importance of the social context for humour* explores the issue of gender and humour in areas such as the New Lad culture in comedy and stand-up comedy* includes comic transcripts from TV sketches such as Clive Anderson and Peter Cook...

    Published February 26th 1998 by Routledge

Forthcoming Books

  1. The Language of Politics
    By Adrian Beard
    To Be Published August 6th 2015

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