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Book Series

Routledge Frontiers of Political Economy

In recent years, there has been widespread criticism of mainstream economics. This has taken many forms, from methodological critiques of its excessive formalism, to concern about its failure to connect with many of the most pressing social issues. This series provides a forum for research which is developing alternative forms of economic analysis. Reclaiming the traditional 'political economy' title, it refrains from emphasising any single school of thought, but instead attempts to foster greater diversity within economics.

New and Published Books

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  1. Economics, Sustainability, and Democracy

    Economics in the Era of Climate Change

    By Christopher Nobbs

    Series: Routledge Frontiers of Political Economy

    How should we conduct economics in an era of climate change, natural resource depletion and population increase? These issues are systemic, and involve great uncertainties and long time horizons. This book contends that the free-market economics that has dominated capitalist democracies in recent...

    Published May 19th 2014 by Routledge

  2. Economics Versus Human Rights

    By Manuel Couret Branco

    Series: Routledge Frontiers of Political Economy

    Human rights and economics are the concepts that have contributed the most to free human kind, the former from fear and the latter from need. Consequently, they should be complementing rather competing. Unfortunately it does not seem to be the case. In this book Manuel Couret Branco shows how...

    Published April 28th 2014 by Routledge

  3. Information Technology and Socialist Construction

    The End of Capital and the Transition to Socialism

    By Daniel E. Saros

    Series: Routledge Frontiers of Political Economy

    The failure of command central planning in the twentieth century has led to a general disillusionment within the socialist movement worldwide. Some alternatives to capitalism have been proposed since the end of the Cold War, but none has offered an alternative form of economic calculation. This...

    Published April 24th 2014 by Routledge

  4. Methodology, Microeconomics and Keynes

    Essays in Honour of Victoria Chick, Volume 2

    Edited by Philip Arestis, Meghnad Desai, Sheila Dow

    Series: Routledge Frontiers of Political Economy

    This volume, a companion to Money, Macroeconomics and Keynes, represents both consolidation and the breaking of new ground in Keynesian methodology and microeconomics by leading figures in these fields....

    Published April 10th 2014 by Routledge

  5. Fiscal Policy Convergence from Reagan to Blair

    The Left Veers Right

    By Arthur T. Denzau, Ravi K. Roy

    Series: Routledge Frontiers of Political Economy

    The elections of Bill Clinton and Tony Blair in the 1990s saw the consolidation and completion of critical aspects of the Reagan-Thatcher fiscal agenda. This impressive book critically analyzes this process. It has been previously thought that this process of adopting common fiscal policies was...

    Published April 10th 2014 by Routledge

  6. Normative Political Economy

    Subjective Freedom, the Market and the State

    By David P. Levine

    Series: Routledge Frontiers of Political Economy

    Normative Political Economy explores the criteria we use for judging economic institutions and economic policy. It argues that prevailing criteria lack sufficient depth in their understanding of subjective experience. David Levine's arguments cover topics which include: * basic needs, equality and...

    Published April 10th 2014 by Routledge

  7. Economist With a Public Purpose

    Essays in Honour of John Kenneth Galbraith

    Edited by Michael Keaney

    Series: Routledge Frontiers of Political Economy

    Galbraith's arguments are discussed by a group of economists in regards to current controversies and problems. Topics covered range from globalization and the role of the state to redistributive economic policies. The result is a collection that pays tribute to one of the most prominent, and yet...

    Published April 8th 2014 by Routledge

  8. The Active Consumer

    Novelty and Surprise in Consumer Choice

    Edited by Marina Bianchi

    Series: Routledge Frontiers of Political Economy

    The Active Consumer discusses how consumers seem to delight in trying new solutions and exploring new combinatory possibilities. This book provides an economic-theoretical understanding of this phenomenon and the many ways in which innovation can structure consumer choice. The authors show from...

    Published April 8th 2014 by Routledge

  9. Microdynamics of Technological Change

    By Cristiano Antonelli

    Series: Routledge Frontiers of Political Economy

    This volume presents a comprehensive assessment of the economic effects of the emerging information and communication technologies associated with a knowledge-based economy, and looks at how knowledge is increasingly treated as a product in its own right. An original framework is developed to...

    Published April 8th 2014 by Routledge

  10. Economic Policy and the Financial Crisis

    Edited by Łukasz Mamica, Pasquale Tridico

    Series: Routledge Frontiers of Political Economy

    The consequences of the global economic crisis which started in the United States in 2007-08 are still being felt in most of the advanced economies, and the mainstream tools of recovery are not having the required results. It seems that many of the after-effects of the crisis, including the...

    Published March 6th 2014 by Routledge

Forthcoming Books

  1. The Market: Equilibrium, Stability, Mythology
    By Sydney N. Afriat
    To Be Published July 31st 2015
  2. Cognitive Developments in Economics
    By Salvatore Rizzello
    To Be Published August 21st 2015
  3. Economics, Culture and Development
    By Eiman Zein-Elabdin
    To Be Published September 21st 2015
  4. Inherited Wealth, Justice and Equality
    Edited by Guido Erreygers, John Cunliffe
    To Be Published September 28th 2015
  5. Paradigms in Political Economy
    By Kavous Ardalan
    To Be Published November 23rd 2015
  6. A Theory of Value
    By Luigi Pasinetti
    To Be Published December 1st 2015
  7. The Economics of Voting: Studies of self-interest, bargaining, duty and rights
    By Dan Usher
    To Be Published December 7th 2015
  8. Economics and Theology
    By Paul Oslington
    To Be Published January 1st 2016
  9. The Political Economy of Food and Finance
    By Ted P. Schmidt
    To Be Published January 1st 2016
  10. The Global Free Trade Error: The Infeasibility of Ricardo’s Comparative Advantage Theory
    By Ron Baiman
    To Be Published February 1st 2016

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