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Cummings Center Series

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  1. In Pursuit of Military Excellence

    The Evolution of Operational Theory

    By Shimon Naveh

    Series: Cummings Center Series

    This book offers a scientific interpretation of the field of military knowledge situated between strategy and tactics, better known as operational art', and traces the evolution of operational awareness and its culmination in a full-fledged theory. The author, a Brigadier General (ret.) in the...

    Published March 31st 1997 by Routledge

  2. Religious Radicalism in the Greater Middle East

    Edited by Efraim Inbar, Bruce Maddy-Weitzman

    Series: Cummings Center Series

    This collection offers a political analysis of religious radicalism in the Greater Middle East - comprising the Middle East, Central Asia and North Africa. The contributors present various conceptual perspectives including international relations, Middle East studies and political sociology....

    Published January 1st 1997 by Routledge

  3. Envoy to Moscow

    Memories of an Israeli Ambassador, 1988-92

    By Aryeh Levin

    Series: Cummings Center Series

    The personal memoir of Aryeh Levin, Israel's first Ambassador to Russia since the severance of relations between the two countries in 1967. Aryeh Levin's four-year tenure as Ambassador to Moscow coincided with great upheavals in the life and times of both Israel and Russia. He was witness to the...

    Published March 1st 1996 by Routledge

  4. Soviet Foreign Policy, 1917-1991

    A Retrospective

    Edited by Gabriel Gorodetsky

    Series: Cummings Center Series

    A comprehensive assessment of Soviet relations with the West, set in the context of the emergence of a new Russia. This volume anlayzes the formulation of foreign policy during the period from the first decade of the Bolshevik Revolution, through the gradual erosion of ideological differences....

    Published March 1st 1994 by Routledge

Forthcoming Books

  1. Exiled to Palestine: The Emigration of Soviet Zionist Convicts, 1924-1934
    By Ziva Galili, Boris Morozov
    To Be Published June 11th 2016

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