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Book Series

Essays in Developmental Psychology

Series Editor: Claire Hughes, Michelle Ellefson

Essays in Developmental Psychology is designed to meet the need for rapid publication of brief volumes in developmental psychology.

The series defines developmental psychology in its broadest terms and covers such topics as social development, cognitive development, developmental neuropsychology and neuroscience, language development, learning difficulties, developmental psychopathology and applied issues.

Each volume in the series makes a conceptual contribution to the topic by reviewing and synthesizing the existing research literature, by advancing theory in the area, or by some combination of these missions.

Authors in this series provide an overview of their own highly successful research program, but they also include an assessment of current knowledge and identification of possible future trends in research.

Each book is a self-contained unit supplying the advanced reader with a coherent review of important research as well as its context, theoretical grounding and implications.

New and Published Books

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  1. Approaches to the Development of Moral Reasoning

    By Peter E. Langford

    Series: Essays in Developmental Psychology

    The first part of the book offers a survey of current approaches to the development of moral reasoning: those of Freud, ego psychology, Piaget and Kohlberg. The approach of Kohlberg has been popular because he was able to give an impressive account of findings from the key method of interviews, the...

    Published April 10th 1995 by Psychology Press

  2. The Development of Young Children's Social-Cognitive Skills

    By Michael A. Forrester

    Series: Essays in Developmental Psychology

    Understanding how young children begin to make sense out of the social world has become a major concern within developmental psychology. Over the last 25 years research in this area has raised a number of questions which mirror the confluence of interests from cognitive-developmental and...

    Published February 27th 1995 by Psychology Press

  3. Autism and the Development of Mind

    By R. Peter Hobson

    Series: Essays in Developmental Psychology

    The purpose of this essay is to illustrate how the phenomenon of early childhood autism may cast light on issues that are central to our Understanding Of Normal Child Development - Issues Such As The Emotional origins of social experience and social understanding, the contribution of interpersonal...

    Published February 27th 1995 by Psychology Press

  4. The Understanding of Causation and the Production of Action

    From Infancy to Adulthood

    By Peter Anthony White

    Series: Essays in Developmental Psychology

    This text is an attempt to trace out a line of development in the understanding of how things happen, from origins in infancy to mature forms in adulthood. There are two distinct but related ways in which people understand things as happening, denoted by the terms "causation" and "action". This...

    Published February 22nd 1995 by Psychology Press

  5. Analogical Reasoning in Children

    By Usha Goswami

    Series: Essays in Developmental Psychology

    Analogical reasoning is a fundamental cognitive skill, involved in classification, learning, problem-solving and creative thinking, and should be a basic building block of cognitive development. However, for a long time researchers have believed that children are incapable of reasoning by analogy....

    Published August 24th 1993 by Psychology Press

  6. Children's Drawings of the Human Figure

    By Maureen V. Cox

    Series: Essays in Developmental Psychology

    The human figure is one of the earliest topics drawn by the young child and remains popular throughout childhood and into adolescence. When it first emerges, however, the human figure in the child's drawing is very bizarre: it appears to have no torso and its arms, if indeed it has any, are...

    Published June 15th 1993 by Psychology Press

  7. Language Experience and Early Language Development

    From Input to Uptake

    By Margaret Harris

    Series: Essays in Developmental Psychology

    Addresses one debate in language development, namely the relationship between children's language development and their language experience....

    Published August 25th 1992 by Psychology Press

  8. Social Interaction and the Development of Language and Cognition

    By Alison F. Garton

    Series: Essays in Developmental Psychology

    For students of developmental psychology, this book should be a useful reference guide to the main concepts concerned with "motherese", scaffolding, socio-cognitive learning and joint problem solving. It is also a contribution to the debate on the influence of social behaviour on development....

    Published January 22nd 1992 by Psychology Press

  9. Phonological Skills and Learning to Read

    By Peter Bryant, Usha Goswami

    Series: Essays in Developmental Psychology

    This book sets out to integrate recent exciting research on the precursors of reading and early reading strategies adopted by children in the classroom. It aims to develop a theory about why early phonological skills are crucial in learning to read, and shows how phonological knowledge about rhymes...

    Published December 25th 1990 by Psychology Press

  10. Development According to Parents

    By W. Andrews Collins, Jacqueline J. Goodnow

    Series: Essays in Developmental Psychology

    To their everyday life with children, parents bring a number of ideas about development and about parenting. Some of these ideas are about their own children and about themselves as parents. Others are more general: ideas, for instance, about what babies are like, how children change with age, what...

    Published December 1st 1990 by Psychology Press

Forthcoming Books

  1. Poetry Out Loud and Learning to Read
    By Kate Prentice, Usha Claire Goswami
    To Be Published November 1st 2015
  2. Imitation
    By Meredith Gattis
    To Be Published December 1st 2015
  3. Learning About Objects in Infancy
    By Amy Needham
    To Be Published December 1st 2015
  4. Natural-Theological Understanding from Childhood to Adulthood
    By Olivera Petrovich
    To Be Published March 1st 2016
  5. Attitudes and Emotions Towards Mathematics: Perspectives from Developmental Psychology
    By Ann Dowker
    To Be Published April 15th 2016

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