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Studies in Cognition

Series Editor: Glyn Humphreys

Over the past 20 years enormous advances have been made in our understanding of basic cognitive processes concerning issues such as: What are the basic modules of the cognitive system? How can these modules be modelled? How are the modules implemented in the brain? The book series "Students in Cognition" seeks to provide state-of-the-art summaries of this research, bringing together work on experimental psychology with that on computational modelling and cognitive neuroscience. Each book contains chapters written by leading figures in the field, which aim to provide comprehensive summaries of current research. The books should be both accessible and scholarly and be relevant to undergraduates, post-graduates, and research workers alike.

Glyn Humphreys

New and Published Books

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  1. Connectionist Models in Cognitive Psychology

    Edited by George Houghton

    Series: Studies in Cognition

    Connectionist Models in Cognitive Psychology is a state-of-the-art review of neural network modelling in core areas of cognitive psychology including: memory and learning, language (written and spoken), cognitive development, cognitive control, attention and action. The chapters discuss neural...

    Published July 17th 2014 by Psychology Press

  2. The Cognitive Neuroscience of Memory

    Encoding and Retrieval

    Edited by Amanda Parker, Timothy J. Bussey, Edward L. Wilding

    Series: Studies in Cognition

    Recent advances in techniques available to memory researchers have led to a rapid expansion in the field of cognitive neuroscience of memory. This book provides accessible coverage of four key areas of recent advance, including research on functional imaging, electrophysiological and lesion studies...

    Published January 17th 2014 by Psychology Press

  3. Aspects of Language Production

    Edited by Linda Wheeldon

    Series: Studies in Cognition

    This volume represents major research issues in language production today, presenting readers with a picture of the breadth of current research in the field. Contributors have focused on models of visual word processing, aphasic speech, object recognition and language production in children. Many...

    Published February 7th 2002 by Psychology Press

  4. Language Processing

    Edited by Simon Garrod, Martin Pickering

    Series: Studies in Cognition

    Language Processing questions what happens when we process language - what mental operations occur during processing and how they are organised over time. The last decade has seen real advances in the study of language processing that have wide ranging implications for human cognition in general....

    Published August 10th 2000 by Psychology Press

  5. Attention

    Edited by Harold Pashler

    Series: Studies in Cognition

    This collection of essays, intended as a text for students, examines the different facets of research into attention. The book is divided into two sections: one deals with psychological research into such areas as visual search, dual-task interference and attentional bottleneck; the other deals...

    Published February 27th 1998 by Psychology Press

  6. Cognitive Models of Memory

    Edited by M.A. Conway

    Series: Studies in Cognition

    Cognitive Models of Memory provides an illuminating look at various modelling approaches to a whole range of aspects of human memory. This covers short-term memory through to the representation of conceptual knowledge, the representation of autobiographical memories, neurobiological accounts of...

    Published February 12th 1998 by Psychology Press

  7. Cognitive Neuroscience

    Edited by Michael D. Rugg

    Series: Studies in Cognition

    Providing up-to-date and authoritative coverage of key topics in the new discipline of cognitive neuroscience, this book will be essential reading in cognitive psychology, neuropsychology and neurophysiology. Striking a balance between theoretical and empirical approaches to the question of how...

    Published September 17th 1997 by Psychology Press

  8. The Adaptive Character of Thought

    By John R. Anderson

    Series: Studies in Cognition

    This important volume examines the phenomena of cognition from an adaptive perspective. Rather than adhering to the typical practice in cognitive psychology of trying to predict behavior from a model of cognitive mechanisms, this book develops a number of models that successfully predict behavior...

    Published June 1st 1990 by Psychology Press

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