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Maudsley Series

Series Editor: A.S. David

Henry Maudsley, founder of the Maudsley Hospital, was the most prominent English psychiatrist of his generation.

The Maudsley Hospital was united with the Bethlem Royal Hospital in 1948 and its medical school renamed the Institute of Psychiatry. It is now entrusted with the duty of advancing psychiatry by teaching and research. The South London and Maudsley (SLAM) NHS Trust, together with the Institute of Psychiatry, are jointly known as The Maudsley.

The monograph series reports work carried out at The Maudsley. Some of the monographs are directly concerned with clinical problems; others, less obviously relevant, are in scientific fields that are cultivated for the furtherance of psychiatry.

New and Published Books

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  1. Social Inequalities and the Distribution of the Common Mental Disorders

    Edited by Tom Fryers, Rachel Jenkins, David Melzer

    Series: Maudsley Series

    Social inequalities are established features of the distribution of physical disease in the UK and many other developed countries. In most physical diseases, a clear trend of poorer health is evident with each step down the hierarchy of social position. By contrast, the nature of the links between...

    Published December 4th 2003 by Psychology Press

  2. Developing a National Mental Health Policy

    By Lynne Friedli, Rachel Jenkins, Andrew McCulloch, Camilla Parker

    Series: Maudsley Series

    Mental illness causes a substantial health burden in all regions of the world, and is a major contributor to world poverty.Developing a National Mental Health Policy is designed to support those involved in developing locally appropriate mental health policies, emphasising the crucial role of...

    Published April 4th 2002 by Psychology Press

  3. Mental Health In Our Future Cities

    Edited by David Goldberg, Thornicroft Graham

    Series: Maudsley Series

    Across the world, cities are becoming larger, as populations drift from the country into urban areas. At the same time, the mentally ill are leaving the mental hospitals and new forms of care are being found in the community. The best ways in which services for the mentally ill can be organized in...

    Published November 11th 1998 by Psychology Press

  4. Culture And Common Mental Disorders In Sub-Saharan Africa

    By Vickram Patel

    Series: Maudsley Series

    The influence of culture on mental illness has been the subject of considerable academic investigation and debate in recent years. This debate has provoked concerns about the validity and reliability of older methodologies which emphasised either universal characteristics of disorders which were...

    Published March 30th 1998 by Psychology Press

  5. Psychosis In The Inner City

    The Camberwell First Episode Study

    Edited by David J. Castle University of Western Australia, Perth; et al.

    Series: Maudsley Series

    The "epigenetic puzzle" which is schizophrenia, forms the focus of this Monograph, But The Authors Do Not Sit Comfortably With The Notion That this is an entity. Rather, they approach the non-affective psychoses on a broad epidemiological base, ascertaining cases of so-called "functional" psychoses...

    Published February 10th 1998 by Psychology Press

  6. Aggression

    Individual Differences, Alcohol And Benzodiazepines

    By Alyson Bond, Malcolm Lader, Jose da Silveira

    Series: Maudsley Series

    The incidence of aggression and violence is of wide concern. It is therefore vital that we try to understand the mechanisms involved. This book outlines definitions and theories of aggressive behaviour and points out the contribution of both biological and psychological factors. Aggression...

    Published July 16th 1997 by Psychology Press

  7. Delusions

    Investigations Into The Psychology Of Delusional Reasoning

    By Philippa A. Garety, David R. Hemsley

    Series: Maudsley Series

    The authors offer cogent reviews of the literature pertaining to the formation and maintenance of delusions, but the most substantial parts of the monograph expound the empirical inquiries which they and their colleagues have carried out in recent years. Most of the research has been published...

    Published April 22nd 1997 by Psychology Press

  8. Fitness To Plead In England And Wales

    By Donald Grubin

    Series: Maudsley Series

    The concept of fitness to plead has its origins in the medieval courts of England, where the ritual of court proceedings demanded that accused individuals respond to the charges against them. Being fit to plead, however, has involved into a fundamental principle of British law and those legal...

    Published June 4th 1996 by Psychology Press

  9. Compliance With Treatment In Schizophrenia

    By Alec Buchanan

    Series: Maudsley Series

    There is a myth that people with mental disorders comply poorly with treatment. In fact, psychiatric patients are no more likely than patients in other medical specialities to go against the advice of their doctor. That said, it is easy to find instances where psychotropic medication is refused by...

    Published May 13th 1996 by Psychology Press

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