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Routledge International Business in Asia

Series Editor: Hafiz Mirza

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  1. Corporate Social Responsibility and Local Community in Asia

    Edited by Kyoko Fukukawa

    Series: Routledge International Business in Asia

    The idea of corporations exercising corporate social responsibility has spread from the West and is now firmly embedded in Asian countries and in Asian corporations. The latest trend in corporate social responsibility, evident also in Asia, is for corporations to apply corporate social...

    Published April 2nd 2014 by Routledge

  2. Multinationals and Cross-Cultural Management

    The Transfer of Knowledge within Multinational Corporations

    By Parissa Haghirian

    Series: Routledge International Business in Asia

    Globalisation makes our world appear smaller: it is easier to connect, communicate and do business with people all over the world. But cultural differences remain and challenge globalized knowledge communication and transfer. This book examines cross-cultural management within multinational...

    Published September 23rd 2013 by Routledge

  3. Multinationals and Asia

    Organizational and Institutional Relationships

    Edited by Axele Giroud, Deli Yang, Alex Mohr

    Series: Routledge International Business in Asia

    Adopting an international business perspective, this book surveys recent business developments in Asia, and the activities of multinational firms in the region, focusing in particular on the changing nature of organizational and institutional relationships, including intra- and inter-...

    Published June 22nd 2012 by Routledge

  4. Multinationals and Economic Growth in East Asia

    Foreign Direct Investment, Corporate Strategies and National Economic Development

    Edited by Shujiro Urata, Chia Siow Yue, Fukunari Kimura

    Series: Routledge International Business in Asia

    Developing countries in East Asia recorded remarkable economic growth until the Asian financial crisis erupted in mid-1997. Although several countries experienced devastating setbacks, most of them recovered to achieve reasonable rates of economic growth over the next few years. Sound macroeconomic...

    Published March 22nd 2012 by Routledge

  5. Changes in Japanese Employment Practices

    Beyond the Japanese Model

    By Arjan Keizer

    Series: Routledge International Business in Asia

    Japan’s employment practices were long considered a cornerstone to its economic success. However, the reversal in economic performance during the 1990s altered the positive perception and inspired major adaptations like the rise in performance-related pay (‘seikashugi’) and non-regular employment....

    Published October 4th 2011 by Routledge

  6. Corporate Social Responsibility in Asia

    Edited by Kyoko Fukukawa

    Series: Routledge International Business in Asia

    Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an important issue in contemporary business, management and politics, especially since the launch of the United Nations Global Compact in 2000 as an initiative to encourage businesses worldwide to adopt sustainable and socially responsible policies, and to...

    Published March 24th 2011 by Routledge

  7. The Future of Foreign Investment in Southeast Asia

    Edited by Frank Bartels, Nick Freeman

    Series: Routledge International Business in Asia

    This book explains the dynamics behind southeast Asia's foreign investment activity, and looks at the region's options for reviving its reputation as an attractive host for foreign investors. Each chapter focuses on a key element; together, they portray southeast Asia's foreign investment profile...

    Published December 11th 2003 by Routledge

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Forthcoming Books

  1. International Business: An Asian Perspective
    By Mannsoo Shin, Jang Rho Lee, Lee-gwon Kim
    To Be Published December 30th 2015

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