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Book Series

Key Readings in Social Psychology

Series Editor: Arie W. Kruglanski

Given the need to be selective and to provide a coherent perspective on each theme within a single book, the editors have generally tackled a difficult brief extremely well. The breadth and depth make a volume suitable for use in many final-year and masters-degree courses in social psychology. It also provides an ideal introduction to top-level original research articles that should motivate students to pursue the current literature in a more targeted way. […] This is an excellent series that will provide an invaluable compendium of the themes that have dominated the 20th Century.” - Diane Houston, University of Kent, in the Times Higher Education Supplement

The aim of the series is to make available to senior undergraduate and graduate students key articles in each area of social psychology in an attractive, user-friendly format.

Many professors want to encourage their students to engage directly with research in their fields, yet this can often be daunting for students coming to detailed study of a topic for the first time.

Moreover, declining library budgets mean that articles are not always readily available, and course packs can be expensive and time-consuming to produce.

Key Readings in Social Psychology aims to address this need by providing comprehensive volumes, each one of which is edited by a senior and active researcher in the field.

Articles are carefully chosen to illustrate the way the field has developed historically as well as current issues and research directions.

Each volume has a similar structure that includes:

  • An overview chapter, as well as introduction to sections and articles;
  • Questions for class discussion;
  • Annotated bibliographies;
  • Full author and subject indices;
  • The article How to Read a Journal Article in Social Psychology, especially prepared for this series by Christian H. Jordan and Mark P. Zanna

New and Published Books

1-10 of 19 results in Key Readings in Social Psychology
  1. Rediscovering Social Identity

    Edited by Tom Postmes, Nyla R. Branscombe

    Series: Key Readings in Social Psychology

    This reader brings together the founding texts of the "Social Identity Approach" - a set of concepts, ideas, and principles contained in Social Identity Theory and Self-Categorization Theory. This approach originated in social psychology and is increasingly part of the standard curriculum in...

    Published May 27th 2010 by Psychology Press

  2. Psychology of Terrorism

    Classic and Contemporary Insights

    Edited by Jeff Victoroff, Arie W. Kruglanski

    Series: Key Readings in Social Psychology

    Substate terrorism now represents one of the gravest threats to human civilizations. As the frequency of interstate wars has declined since the end of the Second World War, terrible violence against innocent civilians is increasingly perpetrated by non-state groups with extreme agendas and...

    Published March 9th 2009 by Psychology Press

  3. Attitudes

    Their Structure, Function and Consequences

    Edited by Russell H. Fazio, Richard E. Petty

    Series: Key Readings in Social Psychology

    The study of likes and dislikes - what social psychologists refer to as "attitudes" - has been a central focus of the field for decades. What are attitudes? How can we study and measure them scientifically? How are they formed and changed? Of what functional value, if any, are they? How do they...

    Published August 20th 2007 by Psychology Press

  4. Social Comparison Theories

    Edited by Diederik A. Stapel, Hart Blanton

    Series: Key Readings in Social Psychology

    Self-perception and behavior do not occur in a social vacuum: who we are, and what we do, is often a function of what other people are and do. Others can inform us of who we are ("I am the only sane person here"), or where we stand ("I am quite intelligent compared to him"); others can inspire us (...

    Published December 15th 2006 by Psychology Press

  5. Small Groups

    Key Readings

    Edited by John M. Levine, Richard L. Moreland

    Series: Key Readings in Social Psychology

    Research on small groups is highly diverse because investigators who study such groups vary in their disciplinary identifications, theoretical interests, and methodological preferences. The goal of this volume is to capture that diversity, and thereby convey the breadth and excitement of small...

    Published March 13th 2006 by Psychology Press

  6. Social Cognition

    Key Readings

    Edited by David Hamilton

    Series: Key Readings in Social Psychology

    This collection features articles that have shown a significant impact on the field of social cognition. The articles are organized into eight major sections: (1) social information processing; (2) cognitive representation of social information; (3) activation and use of cognitive representations;...

    Published January 3rd 2005 by Psychology Press

  7. Social Neuroscience

    Key Readings

    Edited by John T. Cacioppo, Gary G. Berntson

    Series: Key Readings in Social Psychology

    Neuroscientists and cognitive scientists have collaborated for more than a decade with the common goal of understanding how the mind works. These collaborations have helped unravel puzzles of the mind, including aspects of perception, imagery, attention, and memory. Many aspects of the mind,...

    Published December 27th 2004 by Psychology Press

  8. Close Relationships

    Key Readings

    Edited by Harry T. Reis, Caryl E. Rusbult

    Series: Key Readings in Social Psychology

    Each of the chapters in this reader is written by leading scholars in the area of relationships, reflecting the diversity of the field and including both contemporary and key historical papers for comprehensive coverage of research....

    Published July 18th 2004 by Psychology Press

  9. Political Psychology

    Key Readings

    Edited by John T. Jost, Jim Sidanius

    Series: Key Readings in Social Psychology

    Political psychology is a dynamic subfield at the intersection of psychology and political science. The specific relationship between politics and social psychology has been steadily evolving in recent years, making it a compelling and exciting area of study. The chapters in this reader were...

    Published March 18th 2004 by Psychology Press

  10. The Interface of Social and Clinical Psychology

    Key Readings

    Edited by Robin M. Kowalski, Mark R. Leary

    Series: Key Readings in Social Psychology

    Virtually every major area of interest in social psychology has implications for understanding, diagnosing, and treating emotional and behavioral problems. The intent of this volume of readings is to locate published articles that apply important theories and concepts from social psychology to the...

    Published November 19th 2003 by Psychology Press

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