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Book Series

Military History and Policy

Series Editor: John Gooch, Brian Holden-Reid

This series will publish studies on historical and contemporary aspects of land power, spanning the period from the eighteenth century to the present day, and will include national, international and comparative studies. From time to time, the series will publish edited collections of essays and ‘classics’.

New and Published Books

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  1. British and Japanese Military Leadership in the Far Eastern War, 1941-45

    Edited by Brian Bond

    Series: Military History and Policy

    Some sixty years after the Far Eastern War ended, this innovative new collection brings together five distinguished UK-based scholars and five from Japan to reappraise their respective country's leadership in the Malaya and Burma campaigns. This leadership is analyzed on various levels, ranging...

    Published November 12th 2012 by Routledge

  2. Railways and International Politics

    Paths of Empire, 1848-1945

    Edited by T.G. Otte, Keith Neilson

    Series: Military History and Policy

    This new study brings together leading experts to show how the modern world began with the coming of the railway. They clearly explain why it had a greater impact than any other technical or industrial innovation before and completely redefined the limits of the civilized world. While the effect...

    Published September 13th 2012 by Routledge

  3. Gallipoli

    Making History

    Edited by Jenny Macleod

    Series: Military History and Policy

    This new book traces the disparities in the memory of Gallipoli that are evident in the countries that participated in the campaign. It explores the way in which history is written at the personal, local, professional, and national levels. This study tackles key questions about just how the history...

    Published June 29th 2012 by Routledge

  4. Big Wars and Small Wars

    The British Army and the Lessons of War in the 20th Century

    Edited by Hew Strachan

    Series: Military History and Policy

    This is a fascinating new insight into the British army and its evolution through both large and small scale conflicts. To prepare for future wars, armies derive lessons from past wars. However, some armies are defeated because they learnt the wrong lessons, fighting new conflicts in ways...

    Published January 30th 2009 by Routledge

  5. Britain in Vietnam

    Prelude to Disaster, 1945–46

    By Peter Neville

    Series: Military History and Policy

    This book is a study of the circumstances leading to British intervention in Vietnam in 1945, and the course and consequences of this intervention. The first part of the work links French colonialism with the native communist insurgency, while examining British and Foreign Office attitudes towards...

    Published September 15th 2008 by Routledge

  6. The Normandy Campaign 1944

    Sixty Years On

    Edited by John Buckley

    Series: Military History and Policy

    With essays from leading names in military history, this new book re-examines the crucial issues and debates of the D-Day campaign. It tackles a range of core topics, placing them in their current historiographical context, to present new and sometimes revisionist interpretations of key issues...

    Published June 19th 2007 by Routledge

  7. Caporetto 1917

    Victory or Defeat?

    By Mario Morselli

    Series: Military History and Policy

    This work concerns the Battle of Caporetto in October 1917, where the Austro-German Army broke through the Italian lines forcing them to retreat after losing half their force. The book examines why, having routed the Italian Army, the Central Alliance forces were not capable of forcing the...

    Published June 5th 2007 by Routledge

  8. Training, Tactics and Leadership in the Confederate Army of Tennessee

    Seeds of Failure

    By Andrew R.B. Haughton

    Series: Military History and Policy

    This assessment of the performance of the southern soldiers in the American Civil War of 1861 deals with every aspect of an army from its senior officer to the lowliest private, following every process as the soldier tried to adapt to military life, train, and overcome the enemy....

    Published June 5th 2007 by Routledge

  9. Post-war Counterinsurgency and the SAS, 1945-1952

    A Special Type of Warfare

    By Tim Jones

    Series: Military History and Policy

    This work details the state of British counterinsurgency knowledge by 1945, and shows how wartime special forces and unconventional warfare affected many postwar counterinsurgencies. The vital role of the Special Air Service (SAS) is revealed here for the first time....

    Published May 31st 2007 by Routledge

  10. British Generalship on the Western Front 1914–1918

    Defeat into Victory

    By Simon Robbins

    Series: Military History and Policy

    This book explores the British Army's response on the Western Front to a period of seminal change in warfare. In particular it examines the impact of the pre-war emphasis on worldwide garrison, occupation and policing duties for the Empire's defence of the mindset of the Army's leadership and its...

    Published May 1st 2006 by Routledge

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