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  1. WTO/GATS and the Global Politics of Higher Education

    By Antoni Verger

    Series: Studies in Higher Education

    Since the General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS) was created in 1995, there has been international pressure towards the liberalization of education all over the world, as well as new challenges to the traditional internationalization rationale in the field of higher education. Nevertheless,...

    Published May 23rd 2013 by Routledge

  2. Merit Aid and the Politics of Education

    By Erik C. Ness

    Series: Studies in Higher Education

    While a substantial number of studies have evaluated the effects of merit aid programs, there is a surprising lack of any systematic consideration of how states determine eligibility criteria for these scholarships. The selectivity of merit aid eligibility criteria can be as important as...

    Published March 21st 2013 by Routledge

  3. Inhabiting the Borders

    Foreign Language Faculty in American Colleges and Universities

    By Robin Matross Helms

    Series: Studies in Higher Education

    First published in 2006. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company....

    Published February 13th 2013 by Routledge

  4. The Market for Academics

    By Christine Musselin

    Series: Studies in Higher Education

    This book addresses academic labor markets in three countries: France, Germany, and the United States. The management of faculty careers is a critical issue in university autonomy, and in many countries recent reforms have increasingly addressed this area. Musselin’s exhaustive empirical research...

    Published July 27th 2012 by Routledge

  5. International Assistance and State-University Relations

    By Jo Bastiaens

    Series: Studies in Higher Education

    This book explores the goals, efforts and outcomes of international assistance to higher education over the past three decades and investigates how these have impacted changing State-university relations. Focusing on the case study of Indonesia, Bastiaens demonstrates how international aid...

    Published April 5th 2012 by Routledge

  6. The WTO and the University

    Globalization, GATS, and American Higher Education

    By Roberta Malee Bassett

    Series: Studies in Higher Education

    By and large, the debate about the merits of including higher education services within free trade policies has occurred outside of the United States, even though the U.S. Office of the Trade Representative has specifically included higher education services in its March 2003 negotiating offer to...

    Published August 3rd 2009 by Routledge

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