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Soviet (Russian) Military Institutions

Series Editor: David M. Glantz

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  1. Captured Soviet Generals

    The Fate of Soviet Generals Captured in Combat 1941-45

    By A.A. Maslov

    Series: Soviet (Russian) Military Institutions

    The true story of the fate of the captured Russian Generals after World War II, explaining how these officers endured horrific prison conditions and were then tried and executed when they returned home....

    Published August 15th 2014 by Routledge

  2. The Soviet High Command: A Military-Political History, 1918-1941

    A Military Political History, 1918-1941

    Edited by John Erickson

    Series: Soviet (Russian) Military Institutions

    An objective and documentary history of the earliest origins and formative years of the Workers-Peasants Red Army from the Civil War to the initial disasters of the war with Germany, the Great Patriotic War, culminating in the "battle for Moscow" in November-December 1941....

    Published April 6th 2006 by Routledge

  3. Russian Military Reform, 1992-2002

    Edited by Anne C. Aldis, Roger N. McDermott

    Series: Soviet (Russian) Military Institutions

    Military reform has featured prominently on the agenda of many countries since the end of the Cold War necessitated a re-evaluation of the strategic role of the armed forces, and nowhere more publicly than in Russia. Not since the 1920s have the Russian Armed Forces undergone such fundamental...

    Published September 15th 2003 by Routledge

  4. Fallen Soviet Generals

    Soviet General Officers Killed in Battle, 1941-1945

    By Aleksander A. Maslov

    Edited by David M. Glantz

    Series: Soviet (Russian) Military Institutions

    No war has caused greater human suffering than the Second World War on Germany's Eastern Front. Victory in the war cost the Red Army over 29 million casualties, whose collective fate is only now being properly documented. Among the many millions of soldiers who made up that gruesome toll were an...

    Published September 30th 1998 by Routledge

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