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Book Series

Speed up your Language Skills

Series Editor: Javier Munoz-Basols

The Speed Up Your Language Skills series publishes innovative, high quality textbooks focusing on common errors as an effective tool to improve one’s skills in a foreign language. Such errors are often either driven by linguistic transfer from English or caused by common misperceptions about the grammatical structure of a foreign language.

The primary objectives of the series are to explain and illustrate in context the most common errors made by English-speaking students in a foreign language and to classify them in easy-to-reference categories. Students can thus learn the appropriate usage of words and expressions and understand the reasons why they persistently make the same mistakes. The inclusion of exercises, shortcuts, mnemonic devices and much-needed strategies, not usually seen in conventional grammar books, facilitates vocabulary acquisition and mastery of essential grammatical elements.

Books in the series are intended as primary or supplementary texts at the intermediate and advanced levels. Due to its self-explanatory approach and user-friendly format, the series is also recommended for self-learners who wish to "speed up" their language skills. Proposals for the series will be welcomed by the Series Editor.

New and Published Books

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  1. Speed up your Arabic

    Strategies to Avoid Common Errors

    By Sebastian Maisel

    Series: Speed up your Language Skills

    Pronunciation, spelling, the concept of roots and patterns and idomatic phrases are just some of the areas that cause confusion for students of Arabic. Learning how to avoid the common errors that arise repeatedly in these areas is an essential step in successful language learning. Speed Up Your...

    Published March 23rd 2015 by Routledge

  2. Speed Up Your Chinese

    Strategies to Avoid Common Errors

    By Shin Yong Robson

    Series: Speed up your Language Skills

    Speed up your Chinese is an innovative resource that identifies and explains the common errors that English-speaking learners of Chinese repeatedly make. Speed up your Chinese organizes the major categories of Mandarin grammar into areas that are problematic for English native speakers. Each...

    Published October 19th 2012 by Routledge

  3. Speed Up Your Spanish

    Strategies to Avoid Common Errors

    By Javier Muñoz-Basols, Marianne David, Olga Núñez Piñeiro

    Series: Speed up your Language Skills

    ‘Excellent book. The chapters put together and systematise a lot of material that is often taught in an anecdotal or haphazard sort of way, if at all. Students will learn a great deal from the book and have their confidence in using Spanish considerably boosted as a result.’ – Jonathan Thacker,...

    Published September 29th 2009 by Routledge

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Forthcoming Books

  1. Speed up your Korean: Strategies to Avoid Common Errors
    By Lucien Brown, Jaehoon Yeon
    To Be Published January 15th 2016
  2. Speed up your French: Strategies to Avoid Common Errors
    By Margaret Jubb
    To Be Published April 14th 2016
  3. Speed up your German: Strategies to Avoid Common Errors
    By Annemarie Künzl-Snodgrass, Silke Mentchen
    To Be Published May 30th 2016

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