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Book Series

IAHR Design Manual

Series Editor: Peter Davies

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Taylor & Francis and Routledge Books are pleased to offer all IAHR members 20% discount on all books published in the IAHR Series (Monographs and Design Manuals) and 10% discount on all other books published by Taylor and Francis. If you are member of IAHR please contact to receive the discount code.

Aims & Scope

An important function of any large international organisation representing the research, educational and practical components of its wide and varied membership is to disseminate the best elements of its discipline through learned works, specialised research publications and timely reviews. IAHR is particularly well-served in this regard by its flagship journals and the extensive and wide body of substantive historical and reflective books that have been published through its auspices over the years. The IAHR Book Series is an initiative of IAHR, in partnership with CRC Press/Balkema-Taylor & Francis Group, aimed at presenting the state-of-the-art in themes relating to all areas of hydro-environment engineering and research.

The Book Series will assist researchers and professionals working in research and practice by bridging the kowledge gap and by improving knowledge transfer among groups involved in research, education and development. This Book Series includes Design Manuals and Monographs. The Design Manuals contain practical works, theory applied to practice based on multi-authors' work; the Monographs cover reference works, theoretical and state of the art works.

Peter A. Davies, Series Editor

New and Published Books

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  1. Users Guide to Ecohydraulic Modelling and Experimentation

    Experience of the Ecohydraulic Research Team (PISCES) of the HYDRALAB Network

    Edited by L. E. Frostick, R.E. Thomas, M.F. Johnson, S.P. Rice, S.J. McLelland

    Series: IAHR Design Manual

    Users Guide to Ecohydraulic Modelling and Experimentation has been compiled by the interdisciplinary team of expert ecologists, geomorphologists, sedimentologists, hydraulicists and engineers involved in HYDRALAB IV, the European Integrated Infrastructure Initiative on hydraulic experimentation...

    Published February 27th 2014 by CRC Press

  2. Users Guide to Physical Modelling and Experimentation

    Experience of the HYDRALAB Network

    Edited by Lynne E. Frostick, Stuart J. McLelland, T.G. Mercer

    Series: IAHR Design Manual

    A Users Guide to Hydraulic Modelling and Experimentation provides a systematic, comprehensive summary of the progress made through HYDRALAB III . The book combines the expertise of many of the leading hydraulic experimentalists in Europe and identifies current best practice for carrying out...

    Published May 20th 2011 by CRC Press

  3. Energy Dissipators

    IAHR Hydraulic Structures Design Manuals 9

    By W.H. Hager, D.L. Vischer

    Series: IAHR Design Manual

    Energy dissipators are an important element of hydraulic structures as transition between the highly explosive high velocity flow and the sensitive tailwater. This volume examines energy dissipators mainly in connection with dam structures and provides a review of design methods. It includes topics...

    Published January 1st 1995 by CRC Press

  4. Flow-induced Vibrations: an Engineering Guide

    IAHR Hydraulic Structures Design Manuals 7

    By Eduard Naudascher, Donald Rockwell

    Series: IAHR Design Manual

    Designed for engineers, this work considers flow-induced vibrations. It covers topics such as body oscillators; fluid loading and response of body oscillators; fluid oscillators; vibrations due to extraneously-induced excitation; and vibrations due to instability-induced excitation....

    Published April 23rd 1994 by CRC Press

  5. Water Quality and its Control

    IAHR Hydraulic Structures Design Manuals 5

    By Mikio Hino

    Series: IAHR Design Manual

    Describes both physical and biological processes of pollution in aquatic environments. This text introduces theories and means of predicting the scale of environmental pollution and counter-measures. It also describes optimal allocation methods of facilities for sewage treatment....

    Published January 1st 1994 by CRC Press

  6. Discharge Characteristics

    IAHR Hydraulic Structures Design Manuals 8

    Edited by D.S. Miller

    Series: IAHR Design Manual

    This manual provides the procedures and data necessary to calculate discharges over and through hydraulic structures. Contents: Introduction; Discharge measurement structures; Discharge relationships and component head losses for hydraulic structures; Headlosses in closed conduit systems flowing...

    Published January 1st 1994 by CRC Press

  7. Sedimentation

    Exclusion and Removal of Sediment from Diverted Water

    By Arved J. Raudkivi

    Series: IAHR Design Manual

    This monograph provides the practising engineer with a concise overview of the methods of water diversion and exclusion or removal of sediment from the diverted water. The emphasis is on flow features and the associated conveyance of sediments....

    Published January 1st 1993 by CRC Press

  8. Air Entrainment in Free-surface Flow

    IAHR Hydraulic Structures Design Manuals 4

    Edited by I.R. Wood

    Series: IAHR Design Manual

    This monograph is aimed at the practising hydraulic engineer. Work on it commenced at Professor Naudascher's instigation in 1982. Over the next six years all or some of the authors discussed progress at IAHR sponsored conferences at Esslingen, Melbourne, Lausanne and Beijing. With the authors...

    Published January 1st 1991 by CRC Press

  9. Scouring

    Hydraulic Structures Design Manual Series, Vol. 2

    By H.N.C. Breusers, A.J. Raudkivi

    Series: IAHR Design Manual

    Information and technical data concerning scouring/erosion caused by water fl in rivers and streams. More specifically, how certain structures exaggerate this natural process by restricting water flow, causing constriction and loc scour. Material presented is from both field studies and laboratories...

    Published January 1st 1991 by CRC Press

  10. Hydrodynamic Forces

    IAHR Hydraulic Structures Design Manuals 3

    By Eduard Naudascher

    Series: IAHR Design Manual

    Produced for the International Association for Hydraulic Research, this monograph covers fluctuating and mean hydrodynamic forces, hydrodynamic forces on high-head gates, and hydrodynamic forces on low-head gates i.e. only the forces induced by flow incident or past the structure....

    Published January 1st 1991 by CRC Press

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