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Unlocking the Law

The Unlocking the Law series is designed specifically to make the law accessible. The books have been designed with the same format and structure, so each chapter in each book includes: a list of aims and objectives, activities such as quick quizzes and self-test questions, key facts charts to consolidate your knowledge, and diagrams to aid learning.

All topic areas are broken up into manageable sections with a logical progression and extensive use of headings and numerous sub-headings as well as an extensive contents list and index. Each book in the series contains a variety of flow charts, diagrams, key facts charts and summaries to reinforce the information in the body of the text. Diagrams and flow charts are particularly useful because they can provide a quick and easy understanding of the key points, especially when revising for examinations. Key facts charts not only provide a quick visual guide through the subject but are also useful for revision.

Many cases are separated out for easy access and all cases have full citation in the text as well as the table of cases for easy reference. The emphasis of the series is on depth of understanding much more than breadth of detail. For this reason each text also includes key extracts from judgments where appropriate. Extracts from academic comment from journal articles and leading texts are also included to give some insight into the academic debate on complex or controversial areas. In both cases these are highlighted and removed from the body of the text.

Finally the books also include much formative 'self-testing', with a variety of activities ranging through subject specific comprehension, application of the law, and a range of other activities to help the student gain a good idea of his or her progress in the course. Appendices with guides on completing essay style questions and legal problem solving supplement and support this interactivity. Besides this a sample essay plan is added at the end of most chapters.

Series editors: Jacqueline Martin LLM has ten years' experience as a practising barrister and has taught law at all levels. Chris Turner LLM is a Senior Lecturer in law at Wolverhampton University.

New and Published Books

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  1. Unlocking Company Law

    2nd Edition

    By Sue McLaughlin

    Series: Unlocking the Law

    Company law is a vibrant and fast-moving area of the legal system. Unlocking Company Law will ensure that you grasp the main concepts with ease providing you with an essential foundation to company law. The book explains in detailed, yet straightforward, terms: Legal Structures of Business...

    Published February 21st 2013 by Routledge

  2. Unlocking Legal Learning

    3rd Edition

    By Chris Turner, Jo Boylan-Kemp

    Series: Unlocking the Law

    Unlocking Legal Learning is an essential textbook for undergraduate students new to legal study. By explaining the different fields of this intricate subject and helping you to develop the skills to engage with it successfully, Unlocking Legal Learning will provide you with an essential foundation...

    Published March 29th 2012 by Routledge

  3. Unlocking Medical Law and Ethics

    By Claudia Carr

    Series: Unlocking the Law

    For those approaching medical law and ethics for the first time, Unlocking Medical Law and Ethics ensures that the student grasps the main concepts with ease, providing an indispensable foundation in the subject. The Unlocking the Law series is designed specifically to make the law accessible. Each...

    Published February 23rd 2012 by Routledge

Forthcoming Books

  1. Unlocking Medical Law and Ethics 2e, 2nd Edition
    By Claudia Carr
    To Be Published November 20th 2014
  2. Unlocking Legal Learning, 4th Edition
    By Chris Turner, Jo Boylan-Kemp
    To Be Published February 28th 2015
  3. Unlocking Company Law, 3rd Edition
    By Sue McLaughlin
    To Be Published March 8th 2015
  4. Unlocking Criminal Law, 5th Edition
    By Jacqueline Martin, Tony Storey
    To Be Published March 11th 2015
  5. Unlocking Equity and Trusts, 5th Edition
    By Mohamed Ramjohn
    To Be Published April 7th 2015

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