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Book Series

Series in Organization and Management

Series Editor: Arthur P. Brief, Michael Frese, Kim Elsbach

The Series in Organization and Management publishes books that establish innovative avenues of inquiry or significantly alter the course of contemporary research in an established area.

Taking a broad view of the domain of organization and management scholarship, the editors seek to publish theoretical and empirical works grounded in a variety of disciplinary perspectives that focus on units of analysis ranging from individuals to industries. In addition, the series welcomes purely methodological contributions, as well as edited volumes of original essays.

Manuscript proposals should be sent to: Art Brief, Department of Management, University of Utah, 1645 E Campus Center Drive #105, Salt Lake City, Utah 84112-9304 ( ), Michael Frese ( ), Kim Elsbach ( ) or Madeleine Hamlin (

New and Published Books

11-20 of 51 results in Series in Organization and Management
  1. Multiple Intelligences and Leadership

    Edited by Ronald E. Riggio, Susan Elaine Murphy, Francis J. Pirozzolo

    Series: Series in Organization and Management

    This edited book presents cutting-edge research looking at the role of multiple intelligence--cognitive (IQ), emotional intelligence, social intelligence--in effective leadership, written by the most distinguished scholars in the two distinct fields of intelligence and leadership. The synergy of...

    Published January 11th 2013 by Psychology Press

  2. The Psychology of Work

    Theoretically Based Empirical Research

    Edited by Jeanne M. Brett, Fritz Drasgow

    Series: Series in Organization and Management

    This edited volume is derived from a conference held in honor of Charles Hulin's contribution to the psychology of work. His research has carefully developed and tested theory related to job satisfaction, withdrawal from work, and sexual harassment. Edited by Hulin's students, The Psychology of...

    Published January 11th 2013 by Psychology Press

  3. The People Make the Place

    Dynamic Linkages Between Individuals and Organizations

    Edited by D. Brent Smith

    Series: Series in Organization and Management

    This volume, in honor of Ben Schneider, highlights his work on the Attraction-Selection-Attrition (ASA) model of organizational behavior which has become one of the most important models in the history of Personnel Psychology. The central tenet of the ASA model is that people matter. Although...

    Published November 14th 2012 by Psychology Press

  4. Social Psychology and Organizations

    Edited by David De Cremer, Rolf van Dick, J. Keith Murnighan

    Series: Series in Organization and Management

    This book is one of the first to provide an overview of recent developments in social psychological theory as it applies to organizational issues. It brings together outstanding scholars whose research touches the interfaces of social psychology , IO psychology and organizational behavior. Social...

    Published October 29th 2012 by Routledge

  5. Path Dependence and Creation

    Edited by Raghu Garud, Peter Karnoe

    Series: Series in Organization and Management

    The editors, aware of the recent work in evolutionary theory and the science of chaos and complexity, challenge the sometimes deterministic flavor of this subject. They are interested in uncovering the place of agency in these theories that take history so seriously. In the end, they are as...

    Published August 16th 2012 by Psychology Press

  6. Emotional Labor in the 21st Century

    Diverse Perspectives on Emotion Regulation at Work

    Edited by Alicia Grandey, James Diefendorff, Deborah E. Rupp

    Series: Series in Organization and Management

    This book reviews, integrates, and synthesizes research on emotional labor and emotion regulation conducted over the past 30 years. The concept of emotional labor was first proposed by Dr. Arlie Russell Hochschild (1983), who defined it as "the management of feeling to create a publicly observable...

    Published August 8th 2012 by Routledge

  7. The Power of Writing in Organizations

    From Letters to Online Interactions

    By Anne-Laure Fayard, Anca Metiu

    Series: Series in Organization and Management

    This book demonstrates the power of writing in informal and formal organizations in the past and the present. It shows how writing, despite long lasting criticisms that can be traced back to Plato, and in spite of its frequent definition as a mere recording medium is in fact a creative mode of...

    Published August 1st 2012 by Routledge

  8. Using a Positive Lens to Explore Social Change and Organizations

    Building a Theoretical and Research Foundation

    Edited by Karen Golden-Biddle, Jane E. Dutton

    Series: Series in Organization and Management

    How can application of a positive lens to understanding social change and organizations enrich and elaborate theory and practice? This is the core question that inspired this book. It is a question that brought together a diverse and talented group of researchers interested in change and...

    Published March 12th 2012 by Routledge

  9. Behavioral Business Ethics

    Shaping an Emerging Field

    Edited by David De Cremer, Ann E. Tenbrunsel

    Series: Series in Organization and Management

    This book takes a look at how and why individuals display unethical behavior. It emphasizes the actual behavior of individuals rather than the specific business practices. It draws from work on psychology which is the scientific study of human behavior and thought processes. As Max...

    Published October 25th 2011 by Routledge

  10. Multiteam Systems

    An Organization Form for Dynamic and Complex Environments

    Edited by Stephen J. Zaccaro, Michelle A. Marks, Leslie DeChurch

    Series: Series in Organization and Management

    This book examines an emerging organizational form called the multi-team system (MTS). This type of aggregation is being increasingly adopted by organizations and agencies that need to respond to complex strategic problems. There has been increasing interest in MTSs over the last decade to the...

    Published July 27th 2011 by Routledge

Forthcoming Books

  1. Leadership Processes and Follower Self-identity
    By Robert G. Lord, Douglas J. Brown
    To Be Published November 1st 2014
  2. Organizational Cognition: Computation and Interpretation
    Edited by Theresa K. Lant, Zur Shapira
    To Be Published November 1st 2014
  3. Shared Cognition in Organizations: The Management of Knowledge
    Edited by John M. Levine, David M. Messick, Leigh L. Thompson
    To Be Published December 19th 2014
  4. The Psychology of Planning in Organizations: Research and Applications
    Edited by Michael D. Mumford, Michael Frese
    To Be Published March 1st 2015
  5. Managing Careers
    By Daniel Feldman
    To Be Published April 1st 2015

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