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Book Series

Series in Organization and Management

Series Editor: Arthur P. Brief, Michael Frese, Kim Elsbach

The Series in Organization and Management publishes books that establish innovative avenues of inquiry or significantly alter the course of contemporary research in an established area.

Taking a broad view of the domain of organization and management scholarship, the editors seek to publish theoretical and empirical works grounded in a variety of disciplinary perspectives that focus on units of analysis ranging from individuals to industries. In addition, the series welcomes purely methodological contributions, as well as edited volumes of original essays.

Manuscript proposals should be sent to: Art Brief, Department of Management, University of Utah, 1645 E Campus Center Drive #105, Salt Lake City, Utah 84112-9304 ( ), Michael Frese ( ), Kim Elsbach ( ) or Lauren Verity (

New and Published Books

31-40 of 41 results in Series in Organization and Management
  1. Organizational Perception Management

    By Kimberly D. Elsbach

    Series: Series in Organization and Management

    This book summarizes the research findings from the relatively new domain of study called "organizational perception management" (OPM). While perception management has been studied at the individual level since the 1960's, organization-level perception management was first examined in the 1980's in...

    Published March 29th 2006 by Psychology Press

  2. The Business of Culture

    Strategic Perspectives on Entertainment and Media

    Edited by Joseph Lampel, Jamal Shamsie, Theresa K. Lant

    Series: Series in Organization and Management

    The business of culture is the business of designing, producing, distributing, and marketing cultural products. Even though it gives employment to millions, and is the main business of many large and small organizations, it is an area that is rarely studied from a strategic management perspective....

    Published July 8th 2005 by Psychology Press

  3. The Psychology of Leadership

    New Perspectives and Research

    Edited by David M. Messick, Roderick M. Kramer

    Series: Series in Organization and Management

    In this book, some of the world's leading scholars come together to describe their thinking and research on the topic of the psychology of leadership. Most of the chapters were originally presented as papers at a research conference held in 2001 at the Kellogg School of Management of Northwestern...

    Published August 2nd 2004 by Psychology Press

  4. Employing Bureaucracy

    Managers, Unions, and the Transformation of Work in the 20th Century, Revised Edition

    By Sanford M. Jacoby

    Series: Series in Organization and Management

    Deftly blending social and business history with economic analysis, Employing Bureaucracy shows how the American workplace shifted from a market-oriented system to a bureaucratic one over the course of the 20th century. Jacoby explains how an unstable, haphazard employment relationship evolved into...

    Published February 3rd 2004 by Psychology Press

  5. Multinational Work Teams

    A New Perspective

    By P. Christopher Earley, Cristina B. Gibson

    Series: Series in Organization and Management

    This authored book's purpose is to extend and consolidate the evolving literature on multinational work teams by developing a comprehensive theory that incorporates a dynamic, multilevel view of such teams. The model used by the authors focuses on various features of the team's members, their...

    Published February 1st 2002 by Routledge

  6. Organization and Management in the Embrace of Government

    By Jone Pearce, Jone Pearce

    Series: Series in Organization and Management

    Organization and Management in the Embrace of Government is an original exploration of how governments affect the ways people organize themselves, manage those organizations, and respond to the organizations thus created. It is a grounded theory of how governments that are weak, erratic, or hostile...

    Published July 1st 2001 by Psychology Press

  7. People and Profits?

    The Search for A Link Between A Company's Social and Financial Performance

    By Joshua Daniel Margolis, James P. Walsh

    Series: Series in Organization and Management

    What is the relationship between the social performance of companies and their financial performance? More colloquially, can a firm effectively attend to both people and profits as it conducts its business? This question has been investigated in no fewer than 95 empirical studies published since...

    Published April 1st 2001 by Psychology Press

  8. Managing Organizational Change in Transition Economies

    Edited by Daniel R. Denison

    Series: Series in Organization and Management

    The publication of this volume marks an important event for The William Davidson Institute. It is the result of a major WDI research venture that focused on the transition process at the firm level. The research speaks to both the concerns of researchers that focus on issues of organization,...

    Published March 1st 2001 by Psychology Press

  9. Role Transitions in Organizational Life

    An Identity-based Perspective

    By Blake Ashforth

    Series: Series in Organization and Management

    Identity-based approaches to understanding thoughts, feelings, and actions in organizations have produced, particularly in recent years, an array of rich insights that have broadened the domain of organizational behavior. This book brings these insights together in one complete source and uses them...

    Published October 1st 2000 by Routledge

  10. Shared Cognition in Organizations

    The Management of Knowledge

    Edited by John M. Levine, Leigh L. Thompson, David M. Messick

    Series: Series in Organization and Management

    Written for those interested in the topic of "shared knowledge" in organizations, this edited volume brings together a variety of themes and perspectives that emerge when multidisciplinary scholars examine this important subject. The papers were presented at a conference designed to bring together...

    Published July 1st 1999 by Psychology Press

Forthcoming Books

  1. The Psychology of Planning in Organizations: Research and Applications
    Edited by Michael D. Mumford, Michael Frese
    To Be Published June 16th 2015
  2. Effective Diversity Management: Theory , Research and Practice
    By Carol T Kulik, Loriann Roberson
    To Be Published April 1st 2016

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