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Book Series

The New Library of Psychoanalysis

Series Editor: Alessandra Lemma

The New Library of Psychoanalysis is published by Routledge Mental Health in association with the Institute of Psychoanalysis, London.

Its purpose is to facilitate a greater and more widespread appreciation of psychoanalysis and to provide a forum for increasing mutual understanding between psychoanalysts and those in other disciplines. The series also aims to make some of the work of continental and other non-English speaking analysts more readily available to English-speaking readers, and to increase the interchange of ideas between British and American analysts.

The New Library of Psychoanalysis published its first book in 1987 under the editorship of David Tuckett, later followed by Elizabeth Bott Spillius, Susan Budd and Dana Birksted-Breen. A considerable number of Associate Editors and readers have assisted the editors.

Under the guidance of Foreign Rights Editors, a considerable number of the New Library books have been published abroad, particularly in Brazil, Germany, France, Italy, Peru, Spain and Japan.

The aim of the New Library of Psychoanalysis is to maintain the high level of scholarship of the previous series, to provide a forum for increasing understanding between psychoanalysis and other disciplines and to increase the interest of the general book-reading public in psychoanalysis.

The New Library of Psychoanalysis also aims to help the various schools of psychoanalysis to better understand each other. It has published books representing all three schools of thought in British psychoanalysis, including a particularly important work edited by Pearl King and Riccardo Steiner, expounding the intellectual and organisational controversies that developed in the British psychoanalytical Society between Kleinian, Viennese and 'middle group' analysts during the Second World War.

The New Library of Psychoanalysis has also translated and published several books by Continental psychoanalysts, and it plans in the future to continue the policy of publishing books that express as clearly as possible a variety of psychoanalytic points of view.

New and Published Books

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  1. Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

    By Hanna Segal

    Edited by Nicola Abel-Hirsch

    Series: The New Library of Psychoanalysis

    What is the role of psychoanalysis in today's world? Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow presents a selection of papers written by Hanna Segal. The collection introduces the reader to a wide spectrum of insights into psychoanalysis, ranging from current thoughts on the nature of dreaming to new ideas...

    Published July 12th 2007 by Routledge

  2. Encounters with Melanie Klein

    Selected Papers of Elizabeth Spillius

    By Elizabeth Spillius

    Edited by Priscilla Roth, Richard Rusbridger

    Series: The New Library of Psychoanalysis

    In Encounters with Melanie Klein: Selected Papers of Elizabeth Spillius the author argues that her two professions, anthropology and psychoanalysis, have much in common, and explains how her background in anthropology led her on to a profound involvement in psychoanalysis and her establishment as a...

    Published June 21st 2007 by Routledge

  3. Projected Shadows

    Psychoanalytic Reflections on the Representation of Loss in European Cinema

    Edited by Andrea Sabbadini

    Series: The New Library of Psychoanalysis

    Projected Shadows presents a new collection of essays exploring films from a psychoanalytic perspective, focusing specifically on the representation of loss in European cinema. This theme is discussed in its many aspects, including: loss of hope and innocence, of youth, of consciousness, of freedom...

    Published March 22nd 2007 by Routledge

  4. Feeling the Words

    Neuropsychoanalytic Understanding of Memory and the Unconscious

    By Mauro Mancia

    Series: The New Library of Psychoanalysis

    How are the implicit memory and the unrepressed unconscious related? Feeling the Words incorporates a thorough review of essential psychoanalytic concepts, a clear critical history of analytical ideas and an assessment of the contribution neuroscience has to offer. Mauro Mancia uses numerous...

    Published March 15th 2007 by Routledge

  5. The Many Voices of Psychoanalysis

    By Roger Kennedy

    Series: The New Library of Psychoanalysis

    The Many Voices of Psychoanalysis spans over thirty years of Roger Kennedy's work as a practicing psychoanalyst, providing a fascinating insight into the process of development of psychoanalytic identity. The introduction puts the papers into context, charting the development of the author’s...

    Published January 11th 2007 by Routledge

  6. Recovery of the Lost Good Object

    By Eric Brenman

    Edited by Gigliola Fornari Spoto

    Series: The New Library of Psychoanalysis

    Recovery of the Lost Good Object brings together the hugely influential papers and seminars of Eric Brenman, revealing his impact on the development of psychoanalysis and allowing a better understanding of his distinctive voice amongst post-Kleinian analysts. Gathered together for the first time in...

    Published September 8th 2006 by Routledge

  7. Psychoanalysis and Religion in the 21st Century

    Competitors or Collaborators?

    Edited by David M. Black

    Series: The New Library of Psychoanalysis

    What can be gained from a dialogue between psychoanalysis and religion? Freud described religion as the universal obsessional neurosis, and uncompromisingly rejected it in favour of "science." Ever since, there has been the assumption that psychoanalysts are hostile to religion. Yet, from the...

    Published March 30th 2006 by Routledge

  8. Psychoanalysis as Therapy and Storytelling

    By Antonino Ferro

    Series: The New Library of Psychoanalysis

    Is psychoanalysis a type of literature? Can telling 'stories' help us to get at the truth? Psychoanalysis as Therapy and Storytelling examines psychoanalysis from two perspectives - as a cure for psychic suffering, and as a series of stories told between patient and analyst. Antonino Ferro uses...

    Published March 2nd 2006 by Routledge

  9. This Art of Psychoanalysis

    Dreaming Undreamt Dreams and Interrupted Cries

    By Thomas H Ogden

    Series: The New Library of Psychoanalysis

    Winner of the 2010 Haskell Norman Prize for Outstanding Achievement in Psychoanalysis! Why is dreaming the mind's single most important psychoanalytic activity? This Art of Psychoanalysis offers a unique perspective on psychoanalysis that features a new way of conceptualizing the role of dreaming...

    Published September 8th 2005 by Routledge

  10. Glacial Times

    A Journey through the World of Madness

    By Salomon Resnik

    Series: The New Library of Psychoanalysis

    In Glacial Times, Salomon Resnik brings together various facets of his work as a psychoanalyst and psychiatrist, working in both the private sector and in institutional settings and in a wide range of cultural contexts, to provide a careful summary of a lifetime of clinical work. Drawing on...

    Published March 31st 2005 by Routledge