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  1. Food and Agribusiness Marketing in Europe

    By Erdener Kaynak, Matthew Meulenberg

    This groundbreaking book is the first to provide state-of-the-art information on the current changes and developments in European food and agricultural marketing. Food and Agribusiness Marketing in Europe contains broad and up-to-date coverage of agricultural and food marketing by experts in a...

    Published December 19th 1995 by CRC Press

  2. Applied Ecotoxicology

    By Johann F. Moltmann, D.M. Rawson

    This new book illustrates the complex nature of ecotoxicological issues, using pesticides as an example. It focuses on the assessment and monitoring of the amounts of pollutants in the environment and the subsequent damage. The text provides the basic information and methodology to help the reader...

    Published December 12th 1995 by CRC Press

  3. The Environmental Chemistry of Aluminum, Second Edition

    By Garrison Sposito

    The Environmental Chemistry of Aluminum provides a comprehensive, fundamental account of the aqueous chemistry of aluminum within an environmental context. An excellent reference for environmental chemists and scientific administrators of environmental programs, this book contains material...

    Published November 26th 1995 by CRC Press

  4. Chemical Sensitivity

    Clinical Manifestation, Volume III

    By William J. Rea

    The volumes that comprise Chemical Sensitivity are the first major scientific books to be published on chemical sensitivity, a growing world-wide health problem. These volumes present clinical experiences in diagnosing and treating chemical sensitivity in over 20,000 patients under controlled...

    Published November 7th 1995 by CRC Press

  5. Molecular Biology of the Biological Control of Pests and Diseases of Plants

    By Muthukumaran Gunasekaran, Darrell Jack Weber

    While many books are available on biological control, this is the only book to detail the application of molecular biology to control of pests and diseases. Each chapter deals with a different pathogen and the application of new molecular biological techniques to the biocontrol of the pathogen.This...

    Published November 7th 1995 by CRC Press

  6. Poultry Products Technology

    Third Edition

    By Vivian E Mountney, Carmen Parkhurst

    Now in its third edition, this classic volume characterizes the science and technology of the poultry industry today, defines the breadth and scope of the overall problems in the industry, and points out areas where more research is needed. With special attention to recent changes in the industry,...

    Published November 2nd 1995 by CRC Press

  7. Structure and Organic Matter Storage in Agricultural Soils

    By M.R. Carter, Bobby A. Stewart

    Series: Advances in Soil Science

    Soils comprise the largest pool of terrestrial carbon and therefore are an important component of carbon storage in the biosphere-atmosphere system. Structure and Organic Matter Storage in Agricultural Soils explores the mechanisms and processes involved in the storage and sequestration of carbon...

    Published October 22nd 1995 by CRC Press

  8. An Introduction to Soils for Environmental Professionals

    By Duane L. Winegardner

    An Introduction to Soils for Environmental Professionals assembles and presents the basic principles of each of the major soil science fields. It introduces fundamental concepts and shows the interrelationships between the various branches of soil science - from mineralogy to soil physics. Each...

    Published October 19th 1995 by CRC Press

  9. Soil Amendments and Environmental Quality

    Edited by Jack E. Rechcigl

    Series: Agriculture & the Environment

    This book presents a comprehensive and balanced overview of soil amendments and their effect on the environment. It encompasses both positive and negative aspects of chemical fertilizers that supply nitrogen, phosphorous, sulfur, lime, micronutrients, and trace metals. Pros and cons are discussed...

    Published September 24th 1995 by CRC Press

  10. Handbook of Chemical Toxicity Profiles of Biological Species, Volume II

    By Sub Ramamoorthy, E.G. Baddaloo, Sita Ramamoorthy

    The two volumes comprising this new handbook provide a unique resource for studies involving toxicity profiles in aquatic, avian, and mammalian species. The arrangement of material in alphabetical order by species allows the reader straightforward access to information on the effects of chemicals...

    Published September 17th 1995 by CRC Press