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  1. Resources & Environment in Asia's Marine Sector

    By James B. Marsh

    This volume brings together a cross-section of marine experts who provide a comprehensive exploration of the major facets of Asia's marine sector. It considers both the marine mineral and fish stocks in Asian waters. This extensive volume examines "official" statistics with an objective eye and...

    Published April 1st 1992 by CRC Press

  2. The Cytoskeleton of the Algae

    By Diedrik Menzel

    The Cytoskeleton of the Algae provides a comprehensive examination of the structural features of the cytoskeleton in phylogenetic branches of algae. The book also analyzes the possible functions of cytoskeletal components using structural, physiological, genetic, and molecular approaches. Many taxa...

    Published March 4th 1992 by CRC Press

  3. Practical Guide to Managing Acidic Surface Waters and Their Fisheries

    By Robert W. Brocksen, Michael D. Marcus, Harvey Olem

    Practical Guide to Managing Acidic Surface Waters and Their Fisheries explains how to manage acidic surface waters to preserve or restore fisheries. The work gives readers the basic tools to carry out a variety of surface water management activities. Topics include biological productivity and...

    Published January 14th 1992 by CRC Press

  4. Ecology of Estuaries

    Anthropogenic Effects

    By Michael J. Kennish

    Series: CRC Marine Science

    Ecology of Estuaries represents the most definitive and comprehensive source of reference information available on the human impact on estuarine ecosystems. The volume discusses both acute and insidious pollution problems plaguing these coastal ecotones. It also provides a detailed examination of...

    Published November 19th 1991 by CRC Press

  5. Aquatic Chemistry Concepts

    By James F. Pankow

    Aquatic Chemistry Concepts fills the need for a true, easy-to-use aquatic chemistry book that goes into the details behind some of the complicated equations and principles of aquatic chemistry. It places established science into a text that allows you to learn and to solve important practical...

    Published July 24th 1991 by CRC Press

  6. The Art and Archaeology of Florida's Wetlands

    By Barbara A. Purdy

    Waterlogged archaeological sites in Florida contain tools, art objects, dietary items, human skeletal remains, and glimpses of past environments that do not survive the ravages of time at typical terrestrial sites. Unfortunately, archaeological wet sites are invisible since their preservation...

    Published June 18th 1991 by CRC Press

  7. Biology of Echinodermata

    By T. Yanagisawa

    The proceedings of the Seventh International Echinoderm Conference, held at Atami, Japan, September 1990. In addition to sections covering ecology, evolution, reproduction, morphology, molecular biology, developmental biology, physiology, behavior, and paleontology, there are four plenary lectures a...

    Published June 1st 1991 by CRC Press

  8. Metal Poisoning in Fish

    By Elsa M. B. Sorensen

    Metal Poisoning in Fish provides a comprehensive look at many aspects of metal poisoning of euryhaline and stenohaline fish. Metals and metalloids are considered individually and collectively and include arsenic, lead, selenium, copper, cadmium, mercury, and zinc. This informative, readable...

    Published May 3rd 1991 by CRC Press

  9. Nitrogen in the Sea

    Forms, Abundance, and Rate Processes

    By Etaro Wada, Akihiko Hattori

    This book provides essential information regarding the dynamics and rate processes of nitrogenous compounds in the sea. Topics discussed include characteristics and behavior of nitrogen at the atomic, molecular, and isotopic levels; elemental rate processes and physico-chemical and biological...

    Published December 7th 1990 by CRC Press

  10. Acanthaster Planci

    Major Management Problem of Coral Reefs

    By Charles Birkeland, John Lucas

    The purpose of this book is to provide an organized compilation of information and techniques for all aspects of the biology and management of the Acanthaster planci species. This extraordinary coral predator has greater effects on coral reef communities than any other animal species. It can cause...

    Published September 24th 1990 by CRC Press