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  1. Progress in Standardization of Aquatic Toxicity Tests

    By Amadeu Soares, Peter Calow

    Progress in Standardization of Aquatic Toxicity Tests provides a critical evaluation of the level of standardization achieved by freshwater and marine ecotoxicity tests used to evaluate potential risk of new chemicals and wastewater effluents. Tests at the sub-cellular, individual, laboratory...

    Published June 16th 1993 by CRC Press

  2. Ultrastructure of Microalgae

    By Tamar Berner

    Ultrastructure of Microalgae provides both fundamental and specific information regarding the ultrastructure of the major components of the microalgal cell. The book compares homologous structures in different groups within an evolutionary frame of reference. It covers all taxa and structures, and...

    Published June 11th 1993 by CRC Press

  3. The Crustacean Integument

    Morphology and Biochemistry

    By Michael N. Horst, John A. Freeman

    The Crustacean Integument summarizes the current state of the knowledge regarding the structure, organization, and function of the crustacean integument. Methods for analysis are covered and include discussions on techniques such as immunocytochemistry, immunoelectron microscopy, SDS-PAGE, Western...

    Published June 9th 1993 by CRC Press

  4. Contemporary Reefs

    Edited by B.V. Preobrazhensky

    A study of coral reefs is of great theoretical and practical importance in biology, geology, ecology, and for understanding the history of ocean basins and seacoasts. As a biological formation, the reef represents one of the rare natural marine ecosystem models with the highest biological...

    Published June 1st 1993 by CRC Press

  5. Fish Farming Technology

    By H. Reinersten, L.A, Dahle, L. Jorgensen

    Over the past few years, it has become more and more obvious that fish farming will become increasingly important in the future. As fish farming moves into its industrial phase, technology will be an important factor in determining its successful development. It is therefore important for...

    Published June 1st 1993 by CRC Press

  6. Echinoderm studies 4 (1993)

    By Michel Jangoux

    Echinoderm Studies is a biennial series in which comprehensive surveys of selected topics are presented. A guiding principle of the series is to cover all aspects of echinoderm biology so as to promote a better comprehension of this group of animals....

    Published June 1st 1993 by CRC Press

  7. Particulate Matter and Aquatic Contaminants

    By Salem Rao

    Particulate Matter and Aquatic Contaminants presents eight chapters dedicated to promoting a better understanding of suspended particulate-contaminant interactions and some of the biological, microbiological, and ecotoxicological principles associated with contaminant adsorption and transportation...

    Published May 27th 1993 by CRC Press

  8. CRC Handbook of Mariculture, Volume I

    Crustacean Aquaculture, Second Edition

    By James P. McVey

    The Second Edition of the CRC Handbook of Mariculture provides an extensive comparison of marine shrimp culture techniques from around the world. This extensively revised and updated Second Edition focuses on growout systems that have contributed to the production success of shrimp farms and...

    Published April 26th 1993 by CRC Press

  9. Sanitation of the Harvesting, Processing, and Distribution of Shellfish

    By Center for Food Safe

    Sanitation of the Harvesting, Processing, and Distribution of Shellfish is a guide for operating, inspecting, and certifying shellfish shippers, processors, and depuration facilities. It is also needed for guidance regarding the controlling of interstate shipments of shellfish. Anyone who...

    Published February 3rd 1993 by CRC Press

  10. Hydrology and Water Management of Deltaic Areas

    By Civieltechnisch Centrum Uitvoering Research

    Deltaic areas present specific technical and environmental problems. They are attacked from all sides. Protection and exploitation of these areas drastically changes the environment, creating a vulnerable situation. This text considers hydrology and water management of such areas....

    Published January 1st 1993 by CRC Press