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Forthcoming Photography Books

You are currently browsing 1–10 of 18 forthcoming new books in the subject of Photography — sorted by publish date from upcoming books to future books.

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Forthcoming Books

  1. Teaching Photography

    Tools for the Imaging Educator, 2nd Edition

    By Glenn Rand, Jane Alden Stevens, Garin Horner

    The photographic community is rife with talented and creative practitioners and artists. But making great photographs does not always translate into an ability to teach effectively. This new edition of Teaching Photography approaches photographic education from a point of view that stresses the how...

    To Be Published February 9th 2015 by Focal Press

  2. Exploring Color Photography Sixth Edition

    From Film to Pixels

    By Robert Hirsch

    Exploring Color Photography is a flexible, multiple duty text that clearly and concisely instructs students and intermediate photographers in the fundamental aesthetic and technical concepts needed to create thought-provoking color photographs in both the digital and the analogue processes. This...

    To Be Published February 18th 2015 by Focal Press

  3. The Copyright Zone

    A Legal Guide For Photographers and Artists In The Digital Age, 2nd Edition

    By Edward C. Greenberg, Jack Reznicki

    If you license or publish images, this guide is as indispensable as your camera. It provides specific information on the legal rights of photographers, illustrators, artists, covering intellectual property, copyright, and business concerns in an easy-to-read, accessible manner. The Copyright Zone,...

    To Be Published March 2nd 2015 by Focal Press

  4. Light: Science & Magic

    An Introduction to Photographic Lighting, 5th Edition

    By Fil Hunter, Steven Biver, Paul Fuqua

    Photographic lighting is a topic that will never go out of style, no matter how sophisticated cameras and other technology get. Even with the most high-tech gear, photographers still need to put a lot of thought and vision into lighting their photographs in order to get great results. This key...

    To Be Published March 15th 2015 by Focal Press

  5. Videogames, Popular Culture and World Politics

    By Nick Robinson

    Series: Popular Culture and World Politics

    Videogames matter and they matter for world politics. The aim of this book is to demonstrate the way in which games contribute to the evolution of global politics and to show how global politics contributes to the development of games. Robinson seeks to achieve this in two ways. First, he...

    To Be Published March 29th 2015 by Routledge

  6. Langford's Starting Photography

    7th Edition

    By Philip Andrews

    Starting with the basics of camera control and moving on to shutter speeds, aperture, zoom and flash, Langford’s Starting Photography gives you the only introduction to digital photography you’ll ever need. Once you’ve mastered the basics, examples and projects allow you to explore the key methods...

    To Be Published March 31st 2015 by Focal Press

  7. Rick Sammon’s Creative Visualization for Photographers

    Composition, exposure, lighting, learning, experimenting, setting goals, motivation and more

    By Rick Sammon

    The difference between seeing and looking is essential—much like the difference, in music, between hearing and listening. In Creative Visualization, master photographer, photo educator and photo instructor Rick Sammon presents his proven methodology for creative digital photography. His signature...

    To Be Published April 14th 2015 by Focal Press

  8. Outdoor Action and Adventure Photography

    By Dan Bailey

    Outdoor, action, and adventure photography is about reacting to quickly unfolding scenes and anticipating how the subject and the background might converge. Often times, it's as much about the place as it is the subject. It's about thinking geometrically and pulling together all of the elements...

    To Be Published May 4th 2015 by Focal Press

  9. Achieving Your Potential As A Digital Photographer

    By Harold Davis

    Coming from the perspective that true inspiration and great image making are at the core of any high-level photographic endeavour, Achieving Your Potential as a Digital Photographer presents an organized and cohesive plan for kickstarting creativity, and then taking the resulting work into the real...

    To Be Published May 31st 2015 by Focal Press

  10. Digital Nature Photography

    The Art and the Science, 2nd Edition

    By John and Barbara Gerlach

    Identifying a beautiful image in nature is easy, but capturing it is often challenging. To truly seize the essence of a photograph shot out of the studio and in the world requires an artistic eye and impeccable set of photographic techniques. John and Barbara Gerlach have been teaching...

    To Be Published June 11th 2015 by Focal Press