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  1. Feminist Theories and Social Work

    Approaches and Applications

    By Carlton Munson, Christine Flynn Saulnier

    This invaluable guidebook accomplishes what many others on feminist theory do not. It reviews both the theories and the applications of the field. Too frequently, books and articles tend to focus on one or two ways for practicing feminism, when, in reality, different problems, different groups of...

    Published November 8th 1999 by Routledge

  2. Buddhist Theology

    Critical Reflections by Contemporary Buddhist Scholars

    By Roger Jackson, John Makransky

    Series: Routledge Critical Studies in Buddhism

    Scholars of Buddhism, themselves Buddhist, here seek to apply the critical tools of the academy to reassess the truth and transformative value of their tradition in its relevance to the contemporary world....

    Published November 4th 1999 by Routledge

  3. The Ideal Gay Man

    The Story of Der Kreis

    By Hubert Kennedy

    Discover the deliciously succulent homosexual world of the early 1900s!The Ideal Gay Man: The Story of Der Kreis gives you the history of the influential international gay journal Der Kreis, published in Switzerland from 1932--1967. You’ll gain fascinating insight into the journal’s origins, its...

    Published November 3rd 1999 by Routledge

  4. East Asian Direct Investment in Britain

    By Philip Garrahan, John Ritchie

    The contributions investigate indicators of change and the interaction with FDI from East Asia against the background of changes in the regional economy since the mid 1980s. They discuss in particular how the North tackled long-term decline and the long-term implications for the region....

    Published October 30th 1999 by Routledge

  5. China's Managerial Revolution

    Edited by Malcolm Warner

    The reform of Chinese management has been high on the PRC government's agenda. Since 1978, China has been moving from a command economy to a socialist market economy. The contributors here examine in detail the "managerial revolution" taking place in China....

    Published October 30th 1999 by Routledge

  6. The Generation of Identity in Late Medieval Hagiography

    Speaking the Saint

    By Gail Ashton, Gail Ashton Nfa

    Series: Routledge Research in Medieval Studies

    In this interdisciplinary and boundary-breaking study, Gail Ashton examines the portrayals of women saints in a wide range of medieval texts. She deploys the French feminist critical theory of Cixous and Iriguray to illuminate these depictions of women by men and to further our understanding of...

    Published October 27th 1999 by Routledge

  7. Kathakali Dance-Drama

    Where Gods and Demons Come to Play

    By Phillip Zarrilli

    Kathakali Dance-Drama provides a comprehensive introduction to the distinctive and colourful dance-drama of Kerala in South-West India for the first time. This landmark volume: * explores Kathakali's reception as it reaches new audiences both in India and the west * includes two cases of...

    Published October 27th 1999 by Routledge

  8. Against Purity

    Rethinking Identity with Indian and Western Feminisms

    By Irene Gedalof

    Against Purity confronts the difficulties that white Western feminism has in balancing issues of gender with other forms of difference, such as race, ethnicity and nation. This pioneering study places recent feminist theory from India in critical conversation with the work of key Western thinkers...

    Published October 20th 1999 by Routledge

  9. Gender and Archaeology

    Contesting the Past

    By Roberta Gilchrist

    Gender and Archaeology is the first volume to critically review the development of this now key topic internationally, across a range of periods and material culture. ^l Roberta Gilchrist explores the significance of the feminist epistemologies. She shows the unique perspective that gender...

    Published October 20th 1999 by Routledge

  10. One of the Boys

    Masculinity, Homophobia, and Modern Manhood

    By John Dececco, Phd, David Plummer

    One of the Boys: Masculinity, Homophobia, and Modern Manhood takes a fresh look at the formation of modern male sexual identities. You will find that homophobia is not only widespread, but that it takes diverse forms and has far-reaching behavioral and social consequences. The new concept of “...

    Published October 19th 1999 by Routledge