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  1. Transparency and Authoritarian Rule in Southeast Asia

    Singapore and Malaysia

    By Garry Rodan

    Series: Routledge/City University of Hong Kong Southeast Asia Series

    In Transparency and Authoritarian Rule in Southeast Asia, Rodan rejects the notion that the 1997-98 Asian economic crisis was further evidence that ultimately capitalism can only develop within liberal social and political institutions, and that new technology necessarily undermines authoritarian...

    Published March 17th 2004 by Routledge

  2. Reorganising Power in Indonesia

    The Politics of Oligarchy in an Age of Markets

    By Vedi Hadiz, Richard Robison

    Series: Routledge/City University of Hong Kong Southeast Asia Series

    Reorganising Power in Indonesia is a new and distinctive analysis of the dramatic fall of Soeharto, the last of the great Cold War capitalist dictators, and of the struggles that reshape power and wealth in Indonesia. The dramatic events of the past two decades are understood essentially in terms...

    Published February 25th 2004 by Routledge

  3. The Future of Foreign Investment in Southeast Asia

    Edited by Frank Bartels, Nick Freeman

    Series: Routledge International Business in Asia

    This book explains the dynamics behind southeast Asia's foreign investment activity, and looks at the region's options for reviving its reputation as an attractive host for foreign investors. Each chapter focuses on a key element; together, they portray southeast Asia's foreign investment profile...

    Published December 10th 2003 by Routledge

  4. Did Singapore Have to Fall?

    Churchill and the Impregnable Fortress

    By Kevin Blackburn, Karl Hack

    This book provides a sophisticated summary of up-to-date knowledge on the Fall of Singapore, including the critical tensions between Churchill and local commanders. A focus on the role of Churchill, and on his understanding of the guns and Singapore's fortifications, makes the Fortress central to...

    Published November 19th 2003 by Routledge

  5. From Subjects to Citizens

    Balinese Villagers in the Indonesian Nation-State

    By Lyn Parker

    This book analyses the processes by which conservative and introverted Balinese villagers have been incorporated into the Indonesian nation-state. It explores the changing social relations of villagers in their transformation from being subjects of their local 'king' to anonymous citizens of the...

    Published October 1st 2003 by Routledge

  6. Power and Political Culture in Suharto's Indonesia

    The Indonesian Democratic Party (PDI) and the Decline of the New Order (1986-98)

    By Stefan Eklof

    In the mid-1990s, the formerly pliant Indonesian Democratic Party (PDI) was transformed into an active opposition party by Megawati Sukarnoputri (now President of Indonesia). The subsequent backlash from the Suharto regime ultimately led to its downfall....

    Published October 1st 2003 by Routledge

  7. Chinese Business in Southeast Asia

    Edited by Terence Gomez, Hsin-Huang Michael Hsiao

    Presents empirical findings from different South-East Asian countries to demonstrate that Chinese businessmen employ a variety of strategies in their networking, entrepreneurship and organisational and firm development; and concludes that much more research is needed in order to provide a full...

    Published September 24th 2003 by Routledge

  8. The UP Saga

    By Susan M. Martin

    Fascinating history of United Plantations Berhad, an innovative Scandinavian firm whose approach to local relations was quite different from that of the normal British colonial enterprise. This is the story of not only one company but also of the development of Malaysia's plantations sector as a...

    Published July 16th 2003 by Routledge

  9. Vietnamese Supernaturalism

    Views from the Southern Region

    By Thien Do

    The beliefs and practices surrounding the meanings and symbols of the spirit world in Vietnam are explored in detail in this innovative study on popular religion in the country. The author shows an abiding interest in the 'subconscious life' at a grassroots level alongside rational formations of...

    Published July 9th 2003 by Routledge

  10. Consuming Urban Culture in Contemporary Vietnam

    Edited by Lisa Drummond, Mandy Thomas

    Vietnam is currently undergoing a metamorphosis from a relatively closed society with a centrally planned economy, to a rapidly urbanising one with a global outlook. These changes have been the catalyst for an exciting ferment of activity in popular culture. This volume contains contributions from...

    Published June 4th 2003 by Routledge