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  1. Ethnic Politics in Israel

    The Margins and the Ashkenazi Centre

    By As'ad Ghanem

    Series: Routledge Studies in Middle Eastern Politics

    This book offers an analysis on contemporary Israeli democracy, examining in particular society and politics from the perspectives of the different ethnic groups outside of the Ashkenazi mainstream. The book explores the political expressions of the secondary groups in Israel (Mizrahim, Religious,...

    Published December 11th 2013 by Routledge

  2. The Discourse of Palestinian-Israeli Relations

    Persistent Analytics and Practices

    Edited by Sean F. McMahon

    Series: Middle East Studies: History, Politics & Law

    Many observers have portrayed the Oslo Process as a milestone in the peacemaking process between Palestinians and Israelis. In this controversial and groundbreaking new work, McMahon challenges the interpretation of the Oslo Process as a breakthrough or new beginning in Palestinian-Israeli...

    Published December 10th 2013 by Routledge

  3. Non-State Actors in the Middle East

    Factors for Peace and Democracy

    Edited by Galia Golan, Walid Salem

    Series: UCLA Center for Middle East Development (CMED) series

    As the recent revolutions in the Middle East have demonstrated, civil society in this part of the world is on the move. The increasingly important role of non-state actors – a phenomenon of globalization- has characterized developments throughout the region, affecting the struggle for democracy and...

    Published December 4th 2013 by Routledge

  4. Routledge Library Editions: Syria

    Edited by Various

    Series: Routledge Library Editions: Syria

    Routledge Library Editions: Syria brings together as one set, or individual volumes, a series of previously out-of-print classics from a variety of academic imprints. With a variety of titles covering Syria's politics, history and culture, this set provides in one place a wealth of...

    Published December 1st 2013 by Routledge

  5. The Ba'th and the Creation of Modern Syria (RLE Syria)

    By David Roberts

    Series: Routledge Library Editions: Syria

    This book traces the development of modern Syria focusing on the contribution of the Ba’th party and Ba’thist ideology. It examines the roots of the Ba’th in the intellectual ferment of the 1940s and charts its growing influence on Syrian politics. Special attention is devoted to the crucial Sixth...

    Published December 1st 2013 by Routledge

  6. The Soviet Union and Syria (RLE Syria)

    By Efraim Karsh

    Series: Routledge Library Editions: Syria

    This Chatham House Paper examines the nature of Soviet relations with Syria, assessing the commitments made and the gains reaped by Moscow and Damascus in the economic, military and political spheres. After discussing Soviet interests in the region in general and with regard to Syria in particular,...

    Published December 1st 2013 by Routledge

  7. Syria 1945-1986 (RLE Syria)

    Politics and Society

    By Derek Hopwood

    Series: Routledge Library Editions: Syria

    Syria has often lacked sympathetic observers. This book tries to interpret the country and its people in terms of how they see their own history and of what they are trying to achieve. More than a political or diplomatic history, it discusses the economy, society, education and culture to help the...

    Published December 1st 2013 by Routledge

  8. Syria Under Assad (RLE Syria)

    Domestic Constraints and Regional Risks

    By Moshe Maoz, Avner Yaniv

    Series: Routledge Library Editions: Syria

    One of the most striking recent developments in the modern Middle East has been the transformation of Syria under Hafez al-Assad from a weak, vulnerable and internally divided state to a leading regional power. While this is increasingly acknowledged by observers of the Middle Eastern scene , the...

    Published December 1st 2013 by Routledge

  9. Zionism and Land Tenure in Mandate Palestine

    By Aida Essaid

    Series: Routledge Studies on the Arab-Israeli Conflict

    A fundamental aspect of the conflict between Palestinians and Israelis is the territorial dispute which began long before the State of Israel was established. Analysing the land tenure system in Palestine under the administration of the British Mandate, this book questions whether, and to what...

    Published November 27th 2013 by Routledge

  10. Islamism and the West

    From "Cultural Attack" to "Missionary Migrant"

    By Uriya Shavit

    Series: Routledge Studies in Political Islam

    Offering a unique analysis of Islamist ideology, Islamism and the West attempts to explain how- and why-mainstream Islamist leaders have, for the past century, developed and canonized theories which depict theWest as engaged in a sophisticated conspiracy to undermine Muslim identity by cultural...

    Published November 24th 2013 by Routledge