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  1. Intelligence

    Reconceptualization and Measurement

    Edited by Helga A.H. Rowe

    As reform in all sectors of education continues, it is becoming increasingly important that we develop a rich understanding of what "intelligence" is, and how it can be improved. Reflecting current views on the manifestation, development, and assessment of human intelligence, this volume addresses...

    Published May 31st 1991 by Psychology Press

  2. Emotion and Social Judgements

    Edited by Joseph P. Forgas

    Series: International Series in Social Psychology

    The role of emotions in interpersonal judgements about health and illness and in social decisions receive particular attention in this book. The book is organised in three sections: conceptual approaches to the connection between emotion, mood and judgements; extension of the basic theory behind...

    Published May 30th 1991 by Garland Science

  3. Toward the Practice of theory-based Instruction

    Current Cognitive theories and their Educational Promise

    Edited by Anne McKeough, Judy Lee Lupart

    This unique contribution to the field of education offers a comparative look at the application of cognitive theory to instruction. Six leading researchers, representing the three theoretical positions which guide the study of cognition -- socio- cultural, information processing, and neo-Piagetian...

    Published April 30th 1991 by Routledge

  4. Contemporary Career Development Issues

    Edited by Robert F. Morrison, Jerome Adams

    Series: Applied Psychology Series

    Based on the thesis that individuals develop not in isolation, but in a direction consistent with both personal needs and the needs of the surrounding environment, this volume concentrates on the development of adults in their careers within organizations. The organizational and individual...

    Published April 30th 1991 by Routledge

  5. The Psychology of Learning Science

    Edited by Shawn M. Glynn, Bruce K. Britton, Russell H. Yeany

    Focusing on the teaching and learning of science concepts at the elementary and high school levels, this volume bridges the gap between state-of-the-art research and classroom practice in science education. The contributors -- science educators, cognitive scientists, and psychologists -- draw clear...

    Published April 30th 1991 by Routledge

  6. Intersections With Attachment

    Edited by Jacob L. Gewirtz, William M. Kurtines, Jacob L. Lamb

    Attachment has long been a key area of social development. Work on attachment processes has involved a variety of species as well as humans in diverse cultures and at various points in the life cycle. This volume presents research devoted to the meaning and implications of the attachment concept,...

    Published April 30th 1991 by Psychology Press

  7. Toward A Logic of Meanings

    By Jean Piaget, Rolando Garcia, Philip Davidson

    Edited by Philip M. Davidson, Philip M. Davidson, Jack Easley

    This book, the last one written by Piaget, presents a new line of empirical studies based on a revised formulation of his theory of the development of logical reasoning. The amended theory overcomes many problems and criticisms of his earlier formulations by providing a fresh explanation for the...

    Published April 30th 1991 by Psychology Press

  8. Behavioral Biology

    Neuroendocrine Axis

    Edited by Trevor Archer, Stefan Hansen

    This book is the result of an international symposium in biological psychology, held in honor of Knut Larsson. This renowned researcher -- in his search for the true meaning of "mind vs. matter" -- became involved in many divergent areas of the field, such as the neurobiology of sexual behavior and...

    Published April 30th 1991 by Psychology Press

  9. Psycholinguistic Implications for Linguistic Relativity

    A Case Study of Chinese

    By Rumjahn Hoosain

    Rather than offering variations in "world view" as evidence for linguistic relativity, this book views language related differences in terms of the facility with which information is processed. Distinctive perceptual, memory, and neurolinguistic aspects of the Chinese language are discussed, as is...

    Published April 30th 1991 by Psychology Press

  10. Measurement, Design, and Analysis

    An Integrated Approach

    By Elazar J. Pedhazur, Liora Pedhazur Schmelkin

    In textbooks and courses in statistics, substantive and measurement issues are rarely, if at all, considered. Similarly, textbooks and courses in measurement virtually ignore design and analytic questions, and research design textbooks and courses pay little attention to analytic and measurement...

    Published April 30th 1991 by Psychology Press