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  1. Factor Analysis

    An Applied Approach

    By Edward E. Cureton, Ralph B. D'Agostino

    First published in 1993. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company....

    Published September 1st 1993 by Psychology Press

  2. Social Psychology, Past and Present

    An Integrative Orientation

    By Jay M. Jackson

    Providing a clearer understanding of contemporary issues through a broad, historical perspective, this scholarly overview unites the multidisciplinary roots of social psychology into one coherent book. The author attempts to unite the works and theories of all social psychological subdivisions....

    Published September 1st 1993 by Psychology Press

  3. Assertion and its Social Context

    By Cynthia Gallois, Keithia Wilson

    Series: International Series in Social Psychology

    Social rules theory is used to explore differences in the meaning and construction of assertion, extending both the way we think about assertive communication, its relation to effective interpersonal communication and methods of assertiveness training....

    Published August 27th 1993 by Psychology Press

  4. Unilateral Neglect

    Clinical And Experimental Studies

    Edited by John Marshall, Ian Robertson

    Series: Brain, Behaviour and Cognition

    Unilateral neglect is a fairly common disorder, usually associated with a stroke, which results in a neglect or lack of attention to one side of space usually, but not exclusively, the left. Theoretically, it is one of the most interesting and important areas in neuropsychology; practically, it is...

    Published August 26th 1993 by Psychology Press

  5. Theories Of Memory

    Edited by Alan F. Collins, Martin A. Conway, Peter E. Morris

    This is a collection of chapters by some of the most influential memory researchers. Chapters focus on a wide range of key areas of research. The main emphasis throughout the book is on theoretical issues and how they relate to existing empirical work. The contributions reveal that memory continues...

    Published August 24th 1993 by Psychology Press

  6. Analogical Reasoning in Children

    By Usha Goswami

    Series: Essays in Developmental Psychology

    Analogical reasoning is a fundamental cognitive skill, involved in classification, learning, problem-solving and creative thinking, and should be a basic building block of cognitive development. However, for a long time researchers have believed that children are incapable of reasoning by analogy....

    Published August 24th 1993 by Psychology Press

  7. Evolving Mind

    By Goertzel

    First published in 1993. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company....

    Published August 13th 1993 by Psychology Press

  8. Semiotics and Communication

    Signs, Codes, Cultures

    By Wendy Leeds-Hurwitz

    Series: Routledge Communication Series

    Communication is, among other things, about the study of meaning -- how people convey ideas for themselves and to one another in their daily lives. Designed to close the gap between what we are able to do as social actors and what we are able to describe as social analysts, this book introduces the...

    Published August 1st 1993 by Routledge

  9. Creativity and Divergent Thinking

    A Task-Specific Approach

    By John Baer

    Do general-purpose creative-thinking skills -- skills like divergent thinking, which is touted as an important component of creative thinking no matter what the task domain -- actually make much of a contribution to creative performance? Although much recent research argues against such...

    Published August 1st 1993 by Psychology Press

  10. Discussions on Ego Identity

    By Jane Kroger

    Edited by Jane Kroger, Jane Kroger

    Identity has been a topical issue in both popular and social science literatures for the past forty years. The writings of Erik Erikson on the identity formation process of late adolescence have provided an important theoretical foundation to clinical, counseling, and educational practices. As the...

    Published August 1st 1993 by Psychology Press