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  1. Content and Process Specificity in the Effects of Prior Experiences

    Advances in Social Cognition, Volume III

    Edited by Thomas K Srull, Robert S. Wyer, Jr., Thomas K. Srull

    Series: Advances in Social Cognition Series

    In Volume 3, Eliot R. Smith of Purdue University proposes that social cognition theorists have placed excessive emphasis on the role of schemata, prototypes, and various other types of abstractions. This has affected both the methodologies they use and the type of theories they construct. What has...

    Published May 31st 1990 by Psychology Press

  2. The Decline and Fall of Hemispheric Specialization

    By Robert Efron

    Series: Distinguished Lecture Series

    Providing a personal overview of hemispheric differences in human cognitive activity, Professor Efron is selective in his presentation of significant issues. To ensure a balanced overview, references are made to many books, review articles, and research reports that present opposing positions....

    Published May 31st 1990 by Psychology Press

  3. Children's Strategies

    Contemporary Views of Cognitive Development

    Edited by David F. Bjorklund

    One of the issues central to both classic and contemporary theories of cognitive development is children's goal-directed behavior, which is typically investigated in terms of strategies. This book brings together in one volume the latest research and theory regarding the development of children's...

    Published May 31st 1990 by Psychology Press

  4. The Adaptive Character of Thought

    By John R. Anderson

    Series: Studies in Cognition

    This important volume examines the phenomena of cognition from an adaptive perspective. Rather than adhering to the typical practice in cognitive psychology of trying to predict behavior from a model of cognitive mechanisms, this book develops a number of models that successfully predict behavior...

    Published May 31st 1990 by Psychology Press

  5. Attribution Theory

    Applications to Achievement, Mental Health, and Interpersonal Conflict

    Edited by Sandra Graham, Valerie S. Folkes

    This unusual volume begins with a historical overview of the growth of attribution theory, setting the stage for the three broad domains of application that are addressed in the remainder of the book. These include applications to: achievement strivings in the classroom and the sports domain;...

    Published May 31st 1990 by Psychology Press

  6. Self-Inference Processes

    The Ontario Symposium, Volume 6

    Edited by James M. Olson, Mark P. Zanna, C. Peter Herman

    Series: Ontario Symposia on Personality and Social Psychology Series

    Although self-inference processes -- the ways individuals make judgments about themselves -- have been studied in social psychology and sociology for many years, a distinct literature on this topic has not emerged due to the diversity of relevant issues. The editors of this current volume cull...

    Published May 31st 1990 by Psychology Press

  7. An Introduction To the Logic of Psychological Measurement

    By Joel Michell

    This book declines to take for granted the widespread assumption that existing psychometric procedures provide scientific measurement. The currently fashionable concepts of measurement within psychology -- operationalism and representationalism -- are critically examined, and the classical view,...

    Published May 31st 1990 by Psychology Press

  8. Dimensions of Thinking and Cognitive Instruction

    Edited by Beau Fly Jones, Lorna Idol

    By establishing a conceptual framework and a common language for educators to work together, this volume attempts to answer the challenge facing all teachers -- how can students improve the quality of their thinking? Methods of strengthening the thought process include: helping students learn to...

    Published April 30th 1990 by Routledge

  9. Public Relations Research Annual

    Volume 2

    Edited by Larissa A. Grunig, James E. Grunig

    The purpose of this second volume is to challenge and extend the field of research in public relations. Taking a proactive approach to creating a stable, yet not stagnant annual, the editors directly solicited chapters on exciting and intriguing subjects. Assuming some prior knowledge, interests,...

    Published April 30th 1990 by Routledge

  10. Life-Span Devevelopment and Behavior

    Volume 10

    Edited by Paul B. Baltes, David L. Featherman, Richard M. Lerner

    Series: Life-Span Development and Behavior Series

    This serial publication continues to review life-span research and theory in the behavioral and social sciences, particularly work done by psychologists and sociologists conducting programmatic research on current problems and refining theoretical positions. Each volume introduces excellent...

    Published April 30th 1990 by Psychology Press