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  1. Connections

    Brain, Mind and Culture in a Social Anthropology

    By Stephen P. Reyna

    Have you ever wondered how the internal space of our brain connects with the external space of society? Drawing on hermeneutics and neuroscience Stephen Reyna develops an anthropological theory that explains the relationship between the biological and the cultural.Recent popular interest in the...

    Published February 28th 2002 by Routledge

  2. Handbook of Cognitive Neuropsychology

    What Deficits Reveal About the Human Mind

    By Brenda Rapp

    This volume reviews the full range of cognitive domains that have benefited from the study of deficits. Chapters covered include language, memory, object recognition, action, attention, consciousness and temporal cognition....

    Published December 14th 2001 by Psychology Press

  3. Case Studies in Neuropsychology of Reading

    Edited by Elaine Funnell

    Each chapter represents a personal account of a reading disorder through which details of the features of the disorder, methods used for testing, and theoretical accounts are illustrated. Controversies are explained, theories evaluated and anomalies pointed out.From this emerges a picture of the...

    Published July 26th 2001 by Psychology Press

  4. Early Frontal Lobe Damage and Development

    A Special Issue of Developmental Neurpsychology

    Edited by Daniel Tranel, Paul J. Eslinger

    The consequences of early-onset brain damage for the development of cognition and behavior have recently been identified as top research priorities by the NINDS. This special issue presents a series of new empirical studies that address this issue in depth, from several different perspectives and...

    Published May 1st 2001 by Psychology Press

  5. Neuropsychology and the Hispanic Patient

    A Clinical Handbook

    Edited by Marcel O. Ponton, Jos‚ Leon-Carrion, Marcel Ponton, Jose Leon-Carrion

    By 2010, 15% of the U.S. population will be Hispanic. Neuropsychology and the Hispanic Patient: A Clinical Handbook brings together internationally recognized authorities to address the cultural, methodological, research, and forensic issues that must be considered by neuropsychologists seeking to...

    Published April 1st 2001 by Psychology Press

  6. Case Studies in the Neuropsychology of Vision

    Edited by Glyn W. Humphreys

    One important means to understanding normal cognitive functions is the study of the breakdown of these functions following brain damage. This book provides reviews of major case studies dealing with the breakdown of visual perception and recognition, including the disorders of motion vision, colour...

    Published February 8th 2001 by Psychology Press

  7. Creativity in the Schizophrenia Spectrum

    A Special Issue of the creativity Research Journal

    Edited by Louis A. Sass, David Schuldberg

    The articles in this special issue seek to re-examine the relationship between creativity and the schizophrenia spectrum of disorders in the wake of recent research and theorizing. They revisit both empirical and conceptual findings and issues regarding connections between the schizophrenia...

    Published January 1st 2001 by Psychology Press

  8. Imagery, Language and Visuo-Spatial Thinking

    Edited by Michel Denis, Robert Logie, Cesare Cornoldo, Manuel de Vega, Johannes EngelKamp

    Series: Current Issues in Thinking and Reasoning

    Imagery, Language and Visuo-Spatial Thinking discusses the remarkable human ability to use mental imagery in everyday life: from helping plan actions and routes to aiding creative thinking; from making sense of and remembering our immediate environment to generating pictures in our minds from...

    Published December 21st 2000 by Psychology Press

  9. Cross-Cultural Neuropsychological Assessment

    Theory and Practice

    By Victor Nell

    This is a book for all neuropsychologists who are called upon to assess culturally different clients--with very few exceptions today, this means every neuropsychologist. In Minneapolis as in Oslo, migrant and refugee minorities raise assessment and test validity problems that cannot be ignored. To...

    Published November 1st 1999 by Psychology Press

  10. Clinician's Guide To Neuropsychological Assessment

    2nd Edition

    Edited by Rodney D. Vanderploeg

    Neuropsychological assessment is a difficult and complicated process. Often, experienced clinicians as well as trainees and students gloss over fundamental problems or fail to consider potential sources of error. Since formal test data on the surface appear unambiguous and objective, they may fall...

    Published October 1st 1999 by Psychology Press