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  1. Basic and Applied Memory Research

    Volume 1: Theory in Context; Volume 2: Practical Applications

    Edited by Douglas J. Herrmann, Chris Hertzog, Cathy McEvoy, Paula Hertel, Marcia K. Johnson

    Basic researchers unlock the secrets of nature; applied researchers unlock the means by which those secrets of nature can change people's lives. Neither basic nor applied research has an independent impact. These volumes examine the convergence of basic and applied research in the field of memory....

    Published September 1st 1996 by Psychology Press

  2. Suspense

    Conceptualizations, Theoretical Analyses, and Empirical Explorations

    Edited by Peter Vorderer, Hans Jurgen Wulff, Mike Friedrichsen

    Series: Routledge Communication Series

    This volume begins with the general assumption that suspense is a major criterion for both an audience's selection and evaluation of entertaining media offerings. This assumption is supported not only by the popularity of suspenseful narratives, but also by the reasons users give for their actual...

    Published April 1st 1996 by Routledge

  3. Striving and Feeling

    Interactions Among Goals, Affect, and Self-regulation

    Edited by Leonard L. Martin, Abraham Tesser

    Recently, research on the ways in which goals, affect, and self-regulation influence one another has enjoyed an upsurge. New findings are being published and new theories are being developed to integrate these findings. This volume reports on the latest of this work, including a substantial amount...

    Published April 1st 1996 by Psychology Press

  4. Emotion

    Interdisciplinary Perspectives

    Edited by Robert D. Kavanaugh, Betty Zimmerberg, Steven Fein, Betty Zimmerberg-Glick

    This volume represents a range of approaches, both theoretical and applied, to the topic of emotion by neuroscientists, developmentalists, social and personality psychologists, and clinical psychologists. Readers should appreciate the diversity of questions and methods presented, as well as note...

    Published November 1st 1995 by Psychology Press

  5. Ideas and Realities of Emotion

    By Brian Parkinson

    A clear and concise overview of state-of-the-art reasearch into emotion focusing on cognitive appraisal, bodily changes, action tendencies and expressive displays....

    Published September 7th 1995 by Routledge

  6. Cognitive Appraisal, Emotion, and Empathy

    By Becky Lynn Omdahl

    In a wide array of social sciences, interest in emotion is flourishing. Psychologists, sociologists, anthropologists, communication scholars, and cognitive scientists are exploring human emotions in a variety of contexts. This book speaks to central issues raised by scholars in these disciplines...

    Published September 1st 1995 by Psychology Press

  7. Societies of Brains

    A Study in the Neuroscience of Love and Hate

    By Walter J. Freeman

    Series: INNS Series of Texts, Monographs, and Proceedings Series

    This monograph from a leading neuroscientist and neural networks researcher investigates and offers a fresh approach to the perplexing scientific and philosophical problems of minds and brains. It explains how brains have evolved from our earliest vertebrate ancestors. It details how brains provide...

    Published March 1st 1995 by Psychology Press

  8. The Dynamics of Aggression

    Biological and Social Processes in Dyads and Groups

    Edited by Michael Potegal, John F. Knutson

    Aggression usually involves a sequence of behaviors, reflecting escalations and de-escalations in the form or intensity of the actions taken, which play out over time. This book provides a context in which social and biological research on the aggressive behaviors of human and non-human subjects,...

    Published July 1st 1994 by Psychology Press

  9. Happiness

    Facts And Myths

    By Michael W. Eysenck

    What is happiness? How can you tell if you are happy? How important are love, sex, money, and family relationships? Can happiness last? Is there a blueprint for happiness? Is unhappiness a terminal illness? Is there a 'happiness gene'? This book, by one of Britain's leading psychologists, is based...

    Published June 22nd 1994 by Psychology Press

  10. Emotions

    Essays on Emotion Theory

    Edited by Stephanie H.M. van Goozen, Nanne E. Van de Poll, Joseph A. Sergeant, Joe A. Sergeant, S.H.M. van Goozen

    Based upon lectures presented at an invitational colloquium in honor of Nico Frijda, this collection of essays represents a brief and up-to-date overview of the field of emotions, their significance and how they function. For most, emotions are simply what we feel, giving our lives affective value....

    Published January 1st 1994 by Psychology Press