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  1. Working Memory and Language Processing

    By Susan E. Gathercole, Alan D. Baddeley

    Series: Essays in Cognitive Psychology

    This book evaluates the involvement of working memory in five central aspects of language processing: vocabulary acquisition, speech production, reading development, skilled reading, and comprehension. The authors draw upon experimental, neuropsychological and developmental evidence in a...

    Published September 5th 1993 by Psychology Press

  2. Theories Of Memory

    Edited by Alan F. Collins, Martin A. Conway, Peter E. Morris

    This is a collection of chapters by some of the most influential memory researchers. Chapters focus on a wide range of key areas of research. The main emphasis throughout the book is on theoretical issues and how they relate to existing empirical work. The contributions reveal that memory continues...

    Published August 23rd 1993 by Psychology Press

  3. Implicit Memory

    New Directions in Cognition, Development, and Neuropsychology

    Edited by Peter Graf, Michael E.J. Masson

    The immense growth of research on implicit and explicit memory is making it difficult to keep up with new methods and findings, to gauge the implications of new discoveries, and to ferret out new directions in research and theory development. The present volume provides a status report of work on...

    Published June 30th 1993 by Psychology Press

  4. The Handbook of Emotion and Memory

    Research and Theory

    Edited by Sven-Ake Christianson

    This important volume defines the state of the art in the field of emotion and memory by offering a blend of research review, unpublished findings, and theory on topics related to its study. As the first contemporary reference source in this area, it summarizes findings on implicit and explicit...

    Published July 31st 1992 by Psychology Press

  5. Human Memory

    Paradigms and Paradoxes

    By Robert L. Greene

    The fact that cognitive psychology has become largely concerned with a handful of laboratory tasks has brought expressions of concern and suggestions about how to place the field on a more solid footing. The view expressed here, however, is that the classic cognitive paradigms have become...

    Published June 30th 1992 by Psychology Press

  6. Memories, Thoughts, and Emotions

    Essays in Honor of George Mandler

    Edited by William Kessen, Andrew Ortony, Fergus Craik

    For the past forty years, the ideas and findings of George Mandler -- and George Mandler himself -- have been highly influential throughout the field of experimental psychology. Not only has he helped to advance the study of cognition and emotion in many ways, but he also offered assistance and...

    Published February 28th 1991 by Psychology Press

  7. Memory Mechanisms

    A Tribute To G.v. Goddard

    By Michael Corballis, Michael Corballis, K. Geoffrey White

    Edited by Wickliffe Abraham, Michael Corballis, Wickliffe Abraham

    Presenting the work of researchers who are at the forefront of the study of memory mechanisms, this volume addresses a wide range of topics including: physiological and biophysical studies of synaptic plasticity, neural models of information storage and recall, functional and structural...

    Published November 30th 1990 by Psychology Press

  8. Memory and Cognition in Its Social Context

    By Robert S. Wyer, Jr., Thomas K. Srull

    The first comprehensive theoretical formulation of the way people use information they receive about their social environments to make judgments and behavioral decisions, this volume focuses on the cognitive processes that underlie the use of social information. These include initial interpretation...

    Published September 30th 1989 by Psychology Press

  9. Varieties of Memory and Consciousness

    Essays in Honour of Endel Tulving

    Edited by Henry L. Roediger, III, Fergus Craik

    These collected essays from leading figures in cognitive psychology represent the latest research and thinking in the field. The volume is organized around four "Endelian" themes: encoding and retrieval processes in memory; the neuropsychology of memory; classificatory systems for memory; and...

    Published March 31st 1989 by Psychology Press

  10. Foraging

    Quantitative Analyses of Behavior, Volume Vi

    Edited by Michael L. Commons, Alejandro Kacelnik, Sara J. Shettleworth

    Series: Quantitative Analyses of Behavior Series

    The sixth volume in this respected series systematically presents and evaluates quantitative models of various foraging phenomena, including: steady state decision rules; acquisition of decision rules; perception and learning in foraging behavior....

    Published January 31st 1987 by Psychology Press