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  1. Geometric Representations of Perceptual Phenomena

    Papers in Honor of Tarow indow on His 70th Birthday

    Edited by R. Duncan Luce, Donald D. Hoffman, Michael D'Zmura, Geoffrey Iverson, A. Kimball Romney

    Based on a conference held in honor of Professor Tarow Indow, this volume is organized into three major topics concerning the use of geometry in perception: * space -- referring to attempts to represent the subjective space within which we locate ourselves and perceive objects to reside; * color...

    Published July 1st 1995 by Psychology Press

  2. Memory for Odors

    Edited by Frank R. Schab, Robert G. Crowder

    The power of odors to unlock human memory is celebrated in literature and anecdote, but poorly documented by science. Odors -- perhaps more than other stimuli -- are widely believed to evoke vivid and complex past experiences easily. Yet in contrast to the frequency with which odors are thought to...

    Published July 1st 1995 by Psychology Press

  3. Studies in Perception and Action III

    Edited by BenoŒt G. Bardy, Reinoud J. Bootsma, Yves Guiard, Benoit G. Bardy

    Series: Studies in Perception and Action

    This volume, a posterbook based on the seventh biennial Conference of the International Society for Ecological Psychology, is a collection of compact empirical and/or theoretical articles on the study of perception and action....

    Published June 1st 1995 by Psychology Press

  4. Perceiving Events and Objects

    Edited by Gunnar Jansson, Sten Sture Bergstr”m, William Epstein, Sten Sture Bergstrom

    Beginning with his doctoral dissertation in 1950 which introduced the study of event perception and the application of vector analysis to perception, Gunnar Johansson has been a seminal figure in the field of perception. His work on biomechanical motion in the 1970s challenged conventional notions...

    Published September 1st 1994 by Psychology Press

  5. Lightness, Brightness and Transparency

    Edited by Alan L. Gilchrist

    This volume deals with the visual perception of lightness, brightness, and transparency of surfaces, both under minimal laboratory conditions and in complex images typical of everyday life. Each chapter analyzes the challenging problem of how a pattern of light intensities on the retina is...

    Published September 1st 1994 by Psychology Press

  6. The Development of Intersensory Perception

    Comparative Perspectives

    Edited by David J. Lewkowicz, Robert Lickliter

    This book provides the latest information about the development of intersensory perception -- a topic which has recently begun to receive a great deal of attention from researchers studying the general problem of perceptual development. This interest was inspired after the realization that unimodal...

    Published August 1st 1994 by Psychology Press

  7. Early Child Development in the French Tradition

    Contributions From Current Research

    Edited by Andre Vyt, Henriette Bloch, Marc H. Bornstein

    This volume shares significant contemporary "Francophone" contributions to developmental psychology outside geographic and intellectual borders of French-speaking countries. Except for the spread of Piagetian theory after World War II into Anglophone psychology, these new publications have not...

    Published May 1st 1994 by Psychology Press

  8. Sensory Research

    Multimodal Perspectives

    Edited by Ronald T. Verrillo

    This volume is a record of the proceedings of a festspiel held to honor Jozef F. Zwislocki for his outstanding contributions to science and to Syracuse University. His contributions to the knowledge of the hydromechanical, neurophysiological, and perceptual mechanisms of the auditory system are...

    Published November 1st 1993 by Psychology Press

  9. Studies in Perception and Action II

    Posters Presented at the VIIth international Conference on Event Perception and Action

    Edited by S. Stavros Valenti, John B. Pittenger, William M. Mace

    Series: Studies in Perception and Action

    This volume offers a comprehensive view of posters presented at the VIIth International Conference on Event Perception and Action. Arranged in order of appearance of their corresponding symposia on the conference program, this collection of 80 miniature articles on event perception and action...

    Published July 1st 1993 by Psychology Press

  10. Visual Perception and Cognition in infancy

    Edited by Carl Granrud, Carl E. Granrud

    Series: Carnegie Mellon Symposia on Cognition Series

    The chapters in this book are based on papers presented at the 23rd Carnegie Mellon Symposia on Cognition. At this exciting event, speaker after speaker presented new discoveries about infants' visual perception in areas ranging from sensory processes to visual cognition. The field continues to...

    Published October 1st 1992 by Psychology Press