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  1. Culture and Weight Consciousness

    By Mervat Nasser

    Anorexia nervosa and bulimia are among the few psychiatric syndromes with a plausible socio-cultural model of causation. Issues of culture and slimness are usually considered in terms of the experience of the western world, but there is a growing body of research suggesting that concern with...

    Published May 1st 1997 by Routledge

  2. Pain and Its Relief Without Addiction

    Clinical Issues in the Use of Opioids and Other Analgesics

    By Barry Stimmel

    Pain and Its Relief Without Addiction will help people in pain understand why their pain is not always adequately relieved, as well as help reverse the failure of current medical practice to routinely alleviate pain. As noted by a 1992 publication of the United States Department of Health Services,...

    Published April 21st 1997 by Routledge

  3. The Effectiveness of Social Interventions for Homeless Substance Abusers

    By Gerald Stahler, Barry Stimmel

    The Effectiveness of Social Interventions for Homeless Substance Abusers helps substance abuse treatment providers develop and evaluate more responsive treatment models for serving homeless individuals with substance abuse problems. Research presented in this volume was funded by the National...

    Published April 18th 1997 by Routledge

  4. Aliens and Alienists

    Ethnic Minorities and Psychiatry, 3rd Edition

    By Maurice Lipsedge, Roland Littlewood

    In this classic text the authors examine the links between racism, psychological ill health and inadequate treatment of ethnic minorities. Through a series of case studies they discuss: * the psychological legacy of colonialism and slavery * the racist bias in psychiatric and psychological theory *...

    Published April 10th 1997 by Routledge

  5. Sexual, Physical, and Emotional Abuse in Out-of-Home Care

    Prevention Skills for At-Risk Children

    By Toni Cavanaugh Johnson

    Sexual, Physical, and Emotional Abuse in Out-of-Home Care brings into the open current or past sexually, physically, or emotionally abusive behaviors between children or between children and their caregivers in out-of-home care and helps prevent future victimization. The curriculum gives you 20...

    Published April 9th 1997 by Routledge

  6. Cognitive-Behaviour Therapy for People with Learning Disabilities

    Edited by Biza Stenfert Kroese, Dave Dagnan, Konstantinos Loumidis

    Cognitive therapy is a well known and widely used means of helping depressed patients, but is only now beginning to be extended to other client groups. Cognitive Therapy for Learning Disability contains contributions from well known and highly experienced practitioner researchers about the...

    Published April 3rd 1997 by Routledge

  7. Art, Psychotherapy and Psychosis

    Edited by Katherine Killick, Joy Schaverien

    Art, Psychotherapy and Psychosis reveals the unique role of art therapy in the treatment of psychosis. Illustrating their contributions with clinical material and artwork created by clients, experienced practitioners describe their work in a variety of settings. Writing from different theoretical...

    Published March 20th 1997 by Routledge

  8. The Neurobiology of Cocaine Addiction

    From Bench to Bedside

    By Herman Joseph, Regina Quattrochi

    With the use of crack on the rise in American cities, there is more need than ever to understand the biological, environmental, and social factors behind cocaine addiction, as well as the pharmacological properties of cocaine that make it such an addictive drug. The Neurobiology of Cocaine...

    Published March 19th 1997 by Routledge

  9. Adult Bullying

    Perpetrators and Victims

    By Peter Randall

    The frequency and severity of personal harrassment is a problem that is only just beginning to be uncovered. In Adult Bullying, psychologist Peter Randall uses the voices of both bullies and victims to reveal the misery that many adults endure. He describes the processes that turn child bullies...

    Published December 26th 1996 by Routledge

  10. Couples Therapy

    Feminist Perspectives

    By Esther D Rothblum, Marcia Hill

    How can you provide effective, meaningful therapy to couples with whom you have little or nothing in common? Couples Therapy: Feminist Perspectives addresses some of the inadequacies, omissions, and assumptions in traditional couples therapy to help you face the issues of race, ethnicity, and...

    Published December 26th 1996 by Routledge


Forthcoming Books

  1. Case Formulation in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy: The Treatment of Challenging and Complex Cases, 2nd Edition
    Edited by Nicholas Tarrier, Judith Johnson
    To Be Published July 17th 2015
  2. Living Archetypes: The selected works of Anthony Stevens
    By Anthony Stevens
    To Be Published July 20th 2015
  3. The Interactive World of Severe Mental Illness: Case Studies of the U.S. Mental Health System
    By Diana J. Semmelhack, Larry Ende, Arthur Freeman, Clive Hazell, Colleen L. Barron, Garry L. Treft
    To Be Published August 4th 2015
  4. The Alchemy of Wolves and Sheep: A Relational Approach to Internalized Perpetration in Complex Trauma Survivors
    By Harvey L. Schwartz
    To Be Published August 7th 2015
  5. Loneliness Updated: Recent research on loneliness and how it affects our lives
    Edited by Ami Rokach
    To Be Published August 14th 2015

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