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Forthcoming Bioinformatics Books

You are currently browsing 1–10 of 26 forthcoming new books in the subject of Bioinformatics — sorted by publish date from upcoming books to future books.

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Forthcoming Books

  1. Immune System Modelling and Simulation

    By Filippo Castiglione, Franco Celada

    The book describes a computational model of the immune system reaction, C-ImmSim, built along the lines of the computer model known as the Celada-Seiden model (CS-model). The computational counterpart of the CS-model is called IMMSIM which stands for IMMune system SIMulator. IMMSIM was written in...

    To Be Published March 31st 2015 by CRC Press

  2. Applications of Proteomics to Cell Signaling

    By Iyer Srinivas

    Series: Methods in Signal Transduction Series

    The field of proteomics has had a tremendous impact on our understanding of biological systems. While proteomics encompasses multiple approaches, the application of mass spectrometry-based techniques has generated large, information-rich data sets that have enabled a much clearer understanding of...

    To Be Published April 15th 2015 by CRC Press

  3. Guide to Health Informatics, Third Edition

    By Enrico Coiera

    This essential text provides a readable yet sophisticated overview of the basic concepts of information technologies as they apply in healthcare. Spanning areas as diverse as the electronic medical record, searching, protocols, and communications as well as the Internet, Enrico Coiera has succeeded...

    To Be Published April 28th 2015 by CRC Press

  4. Introduction to Mathematical Oncology

    By Yang Kuang, John Nagy

    Series: Chapman & Hall/CRC Mathematical and Computational Biology

    This self-contained book focuses on three categories of disease: cancer, viral diseases, and dynamical diseases. It presents the medical and biological background of the diseases, specific issues to be modeled, and existing methods and their limitations. The book introduces mathematical and...

    To Be Published May 15th 2015 by Chapman and Hall/CRC

  5. Bioinformatics Database Systems

    By Jason T.L. Wang, Katherine G. Herbert

    Series: Emerging Directions in Database Systems and Applications

    This book explains the world of database systems to bioinformatics and cheminformatics database users. It begins with a survey of popular databases, including primary genetic and protein sequence, phylogenetic, structure and pathway, and microarray databases. The text discusses information...

    To Be Published May 26th 2015 by CRC Press

  6. MicroRNAs in Health and Disease

    Edited by Preethi Gunaratne, Matthew L. Anderson

    Series: Methods in Signal Transduction Series

    This book details state-of-the-art approaches for profiling microRNA expression, identifying microRNAs of interest and successfully demonstrating the biologic impact of microRNAs in specific phenotypic contexts. Early chapters will take a practical "hands-on" approach that combines theory with...

    To Be Published June 15th 2015 by CRC Press

  7. Genome Analysis in R

    By Pawel Michalak

    Series: Chapman & Hall/CRC Mathematical and Computational Biology

    In recent years the amount of biological sequence data available for research has increased significantly and complete genome sequences have become commonplace. Next-generation sequencing (NGS) is expected to revolutionize biomedical research. However, the analysis of millions of DNA/RNA sequences...

    To Be Published June 15th 2015 by Chapman and Hall/CRC

  8. Data Warehousing for Biomedical Informatics

    By Richard E. Biehl

    This book provides a step-by-step guide to designing and implementing an enterprise data warehouse using a 4-iteration lifecycle and standardized design pattern that enables fast implementation of a fully scalable generic data architecture that supports a healthcare institution’s clinical,...

    To Be Published June 15th 2015 by Auerbach Publications

  9. Rule-Based Modeling in Systems Biology

    By James Faeder, William S. Hlavacek

    Series: Chapman & Hall/CRC Mathematical and Computational Biology

    This book covers computational modeling of "biomolecular site dynamics". It also describes the use of rule-based modeling, in coordination with quantitative experimental approaches, to gain insights into site dynamics and to introduce the basic concepts and techniques of rule-based modeling. The...

    To Be Published June 15th 2015 by Chapman and Hall/CRC

  10. Pathway Analysis of High Throughput Experiments

    By Sorin Draghici

    Series: Chapman & Hall/CRC Mathematical and Computational Biology

    Microarrays allow researchers to simultaneously monitor the expression of thousands of genes. Independent of the platform and analysis methods used, the result of a microarray experiment is a list of differentially expressed genes. Presenting a unified analysis of the field, this book explores the...

    To Be Published June 26th 2015 by Chapman and Hall/CRC