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New and Published Books

  1. Vascularization

    Regenerative Medicine and Tissue Engineering

    Edited by Eric M. Brey

    A Complex and Growing Field The study of vascularization in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine (TERM) and its applications is an emerging field that could revolutionize medical approaches for organ and tissue replacement, reconstruction, and regeneration. Designed specifically for...

    Published August 7th 2014 by CRC Press

  2. Biology of European Sea Bass

    Edited by F. Javier Sánchez Vázquez, José A. Muñoz-Cueto

    Biology of European Seabass presents up-to-date reviews on key topics of seabass biology, written by leading scientific experts with extensive knowledge of seabass as well as their respective field of expertise. The book covers the biology and ecology of the different sea basses and the latest...

    Published July 1st 2014 by CRC Press

  3. Cancer Cell Signaling

    Targeting Signaling Pathways Toward Therapeutic Approaches to Cancer

    Edited by Kasirajan Ayyanathan

    Cell signaling is a field that studies how cells communicate to control basic activities and respond to their environment. When looking specifically at cancer cells, researchers can gain a better understanding of cancer on a cellular level, an understanding that may have implications for developing...

    Published June 20th 2014 by Apple Academic Press

  4. Cell Signaling

    By Wendell Lim, Bruce Mayer, Tony Pawson

    Cell Signaling presents the principles and components that underlie all known signaling processes. It provides undergraduate and graduate students the conceptual tools needed to make sense of the dizzying array of pathways used by the cell to communicate. By emphasizing the common design...

    Published June 16th 2014 by Garland Science

  5. Stem Cells: From Basic Research to Therapy, Volume Two

    Tissue Homeostasis and Regeneration during Adulthood, Applications, Legislation and Ethics

    Edited by Federico Calegari, Claudia Waskow

    The second volume in the Stem Cells series concentrates on the mechanisms of stem cell regeneration in the adult organism with a view towards understanding how lost tissue can be replaced during adulthood and aging. The second focus of this volume is on stem cell identification and manipulation,...

    Published June 3rd 2014 by CRC Press

  6. Hormesis in Health and Disease

    Edited by Suresh I. S. Rattan, Éric Le Bourg

    Series: Oxidative Stress and Disease

    Some mild stresses have positive effects on survival and aging as shown in animal models. There is also a large body of research that demonstrates these hormetic effects on aging, health, and resistance to severe stresses and diseases in human beings. However, the data are dispersed in the...

    Published May 16th 2014 by CRC Press

  7. Atomic Force Microscopy in Nanobiology

    Edited by Kunio Takeyasu

    Recent developments in atomic force microscopy (AFM) have been accomplished through various technical and instrumental innovations, including high-resolution and recognition imaging technology under physiological conditions, fast-scanning AFM, and general methods for cantilever modification and...

    Published May 12th 2014 by Pan Stanford

  8. Extracellular Vesicles in Health and Disease

    Edited by Paul Harrison, Chris Gardiner, Ian L. Sargent

    Interest in the role of extracellular vesicles (microvesicles and exosomes) is expanding rapidly. It is now apparent that far from being merely cellular debris, these vesicles play a key role in cell-to-cell communication and signaling. Moreover, they are significantly elevated in a number of...

    Published May 2nd 2014 by Pan Stanford

  9. Inside the Photon

    A Journey towards Health

    By Tony Fleming, Elizabeth Bauer

    Over the past decade biophotonics has appeared as a new department within the academic structure across the globe. With experimental work going back for more than a century, application of the scientific method has shown the importance of biophotonics within biological and medical practice. At the...

    Published March 20th 2014 by Pan Stanford

  10. Handbook of H+-ATPases

    Edited by Suguru Nakamura

    This handbook on vacuolar and plasma membrane H+-ATPases is the first to focus on an essential link between vacuolar H+-ATPase and the glycolysis metabolic pathway to understand the mechanism of diabetes and the metabolism of cancer cells. It presents recent findings on the structure and function...

    Published March 19th 2014 by Pan Stanford

Forthcoming Books

  1. Cellular In Vitro Testing: Methods and Protocols
    Edited by John Haycock, Arti Ahluwalia, J. Malcolm Wilkinson
    To Be Published August 25th 2014
  2. Liver Metabolism and Fatty Liver Disease
    Edited by Oren Tirosh
    To Be Published August 25th 2014
  3. Protocols for Cytogenetic Mapping of Arthropod Genomes
    Edited by Igor V. Sharakhov
    To Be Published September 26th 2014
  4. Mechanobiology of the Endothelium
    Edited by Helim Aranda-Espinoza
    To Be Published October 25th 2014
  5. Cell Membrane Nanodomains: From Biochemistry to Nanoscopy
    Edited by Alessandra Cambi, Diane S. Lidke
    To Be Published October 27th 2014

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