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Forthcoming Biotechnology Books

You are currently browsing 1–10 of 34 forthcoming new books in the subject of Biotechnology — sorted by publish date from upcoming books to future books.

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Forthcoming Books

  1. Biotech, Biomaterials and Biomedical

    TechConnect Briefs 2015

    Edited by NSTI

    To Be Published June 15th 2015 by CRC Press

  2. Viral Nanotechnology

    Edited by Yury Khudyakov, Paul Pumpens

    Viral Nanotechnology presents an up-to-date overview of the rapidly developing field of viral nanotechnology in the areas of immunology, virology, microbiology, chemistry, physics, and mathematical modeling. Its chapters are by leading researchers and practitioners, making it both a comprehensive...

    To Be Published July 7th 2015 by CRC Press

  3. Nanostructures in Biological Systems

    Theory and Applications

    By Aleš Iglič, Damjana Drobne, Veronika Kralj-Iglič

    The book surveys recent theoretical and experimental results on nanostructures in biological systems and explores possible applications. It takes a unifying approach starting from the single-particle energy, deriving free energy of the system and determining the equilibrium by minimizing the free...

    To Be Published July 15th 2015 by Pan Stanford

  4. Medical Instruments and Devices

    Principles and Practices

    Edited by Steven Schreiner, Joseph D. Bronzino, Donald R. Peterson

    Medical Instruments and Devices: Principles and Practices originates from the medical instruments and devices section of The Biomedical Engineering Handbook, Fourth Edition. Top experts in the field provide material that spans this wide field. The text examines how biopotential amplifiers help...

    To Be Published July 20th 2015 by CRC Press

  5. Enzyme Nanocarriers

    Edited by Daniela Cardinale, Thierry Michon

    Enzyme immobilization on solid supports has been considered for a long time as an attractive solution to perform sophisticated organic synthesis, as required in the preparation of fine pharmaceutical chemicals. But in the late 1990s, the tremendous progress in molecular biology fundamentals opened...

    To Be Published July 31st 2015 by Pan Stanford

  6. Tapping Molecular Wilderness

    Drugs from the Chemistry–Biology Interface

    By Yongyuth Yuthavong

    This book is for readers with some background in science, concerning the search for drugs, starting from molecular diversity in nature or molecular wilderness. Drug molecules may be used as such, or as starting points for improved drugs obtained from the interface of chemistry and biology. In some...

    To Be Published August 31st 2015 by Pan Stanford

  7. Proteotronics

    Development of Protein-Based Electronics

    By Eleonora Alfinito, Jeremy Pousset, Lino Reggiani

    Protein-mediated charge transport is of relevant importance in the design of protein-based electronics and in attaining an adequate level of understanding of protein functioning. This is particularly true in the case of transmembrane proteins, such as those pertaining to the G protein–coupled...

    To Be Published August 31st 2015 by Pan Stanford

  8. Scientific and Technical Terms in Bioengineering and Biotechnology

    By Megh R Goyal

    Series: Advances in Bioengineering Research and Applications

    This immensely valuable book provides a comprehensive and easy-to-understand glossary of technical and scientific terms used in the bioengineering and biotechnology fields. The terms are defined in nontechnical language and many include helpful illustrations to convey the concept. The book opens...

    To Be Published October 31st 2015 by Apple Academic Press

  9. Fundamentals of Modern Bioprocessing

    By Sarfaraz K. Niazi, Justin L. Brown

    This comprehensive bioprocessing textbook deals with the fundamentals, basic concepts, definitions, methods, and applications of the use of biological catalysts to produce products of high value and utility, from alcohol to recombinant monoclonal antibodies to common day use fuel. It covers all...

    To Be Published November 4th 2015 by CRC Press

  10. Handbook of Encapsulation and Controlled Release

    Edited by Munmaya Mishra

    This handbook covers the entire area of encapsulation (microencapsulation) which is a growing area of research and product development in a vast field. It provides the fundamentals, including the chemical and physicochemical processes, and explores how to apply those processes for different...

    To Be Published November 11th 2015 by CRC Press