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  1. Marine Biomaterials

    Characterization, Isolation and Applications

    Edited by Se-Kwon Kim

    Oceans are an abundant source of diverse biomaterials with potential for an array of uses. Marine Biomaterials: Characterization, Isolation and Applications brings together the wide range of research in this important area, including the latest developments and applications, from preliminary...

    Published April 11th 2013 by CRC Press

  2. OMICS

    Applications in Biomedical, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences

    Edited by Debmalya Barh, Vasudeo Zambare, Vasco Azevedo

    With the advent of new technologies and acquired knowledge, the number of fields in omics and their applications in diverse areas are rapidly increasing in the postgenomics era. Such emerging fields—including pharmacogenomics, toxicogenomics, regulomics, spliceomics, metagenomics, and...

    Published March 26th 2013 by CRC Press

  3. Advanced Bioactive Inorganic Materials for Bone Regeneration and Drug Delivery

    Edited by Chengtie Wu, Jiang Chang, Yin Xiao

    Bioceramics play an important role in repairing and regenerating defective or damaged bone. Annually, more than 500,000 bone graft procedures are performed in the United States and approximately 2.2 million are conducted worldwide. Advanced Bioactive Inorganic Materials for Bone Regeneration and...

    Published March 22nd 2013 by CRC Press

  4. Articular Cartilage

    By Kyriacos A. Athanasiou, Eric M. Darling, Jerry C. Hu, Grayson D. DuRaine, A. Hari Reddi

    Well-known for their inability to heal, articular cartilage injuries often degenerate inexorably to disastrous impairment. Multitudes of treatments have been devised for this problem, but no satisfactory long-term solutions have been established. Written by world-class experts, Articular Cartilage...

    Published March 21st 2013 by CRC Press

  5. Molecular Motors in Bionanotechnology

    By Keith Firman, James Youell

    Biological molecular motors provide most cells with the dynamic systems required for their day-to-day existence. Examples occur in even the simplest organism (e.g. a bacteria virus), and the range of tasks that they carry out is vast. Over the last few years, there has been a large increase in the...

    Published March 18th 2013 by Pan Stanford

  6. Microspheres and Microcapsules in Biotechnology

    Design, Preparation and Applications

    Edited by Guanghui Ma, Zhi-Guo Su

    Microspheres and microcapsules have very broad applications in various fields, especially in those of biotechnology and biopharmaceuticals, as targeting drug–delivery carriers, separation media for protein, peptide, DNA, and so forth. It is a big challenge to design and prepare microspheres and...

    Published January 29th 2013 by Pan Stanford

  7. Biomaterials for Stem Cell Therapy

    State of Art and Vision for the Future

    Edited by Loredana De Bartolo, Augustinus Bader

    Focused on stem cell applications, this book bridges the fields of biomaterials, offering new insights into constructing and regenerating tissues and organs. Its unique feature is linking diseases of the human body to current thinking on how to deal with them in the context of current concepts and...

    Published January 28th 2013 by CRC Press

  8. Multifunctional Molecular Materials

    Edited by Lahcene Ouahab

    This book provides a comprehensive overview on multifunctional molecular materials that involve coexistence or interplay or synergy between multiple physical properties focusing on electrical conductivity, magnetism, single-molecule magnets behavior, chirality, spin crossover, and luminescence. The...

    Published January 24th 2013 by Pan Stanford

  9. Tissue Engineering

    Principles and Practices

    Edited by John P. Fisher, Antonios G. Mikos, Joseph D. Bronzino, Donald R. Peterson

    Tissue engineering research continues to captivate the interest of researchers and the general public alike. Popular media outlets like The New York Times, Time, and Wired continue to engage a wide audience and foster excitement for the field as regenerative medicine inches toward becoming a...

    Published December 11th 2012 by CRC Press

  10. Biomaterials

    Principles and Practices

    Edited by Joyce Y. Wong, Joseph D. Bronzino, Donald R. Peterson

    Most current applications of biomaterials involve structural functions, even in those organs and systems that are not primarily structural in their nature, or very simple chemical or electrical functions. Complex chemical functions, such as those of the liver, and complex electrical or...

    Published December 6th 2012 by CRC Press